Synthesis And Spectroscopic Studies On Some Ruthenium(II) Complexes

Show simple item record Baghilaf, A. O. [احمد عمر بغلف] en_US Banaser, K. en_US Hashem, H. Y. en_US Bishry, A. Ali en_US Ishaq, M. en_US
date.accessioned 2009-11-25T15:19:48Z en_US
date.available 2009-11-25T15:19:48Z en_US
date.issued 1994 en_US
identifier.citation Qatar University Science Journal, 1994, Vol. 14, No. خاص, Pages 75-79. en_US
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description.abstract The salt [RuCl2(CO)2ln has proved very useful precursor for the syntheses of a variety of organometallic complexes of transition metals. The compounds of dichlorodicarbonylruthenium(II) of the formula [RuCl2(CO)22L] or [RuCl2(CO)2L'J where L= monodentate ligands such as tetramethylthiourea or substituted ureas, naphthisoxazole, 2-aminobenzthiazole or thioacetamide and L' = bidentate ligands such as 1,2-diaminoethane, 2,2'-dipyridylamine, 1-acetylferrocenethiosemicarbazone (1-AFTSC) or 1-acetylferrocenesemicarbazone (1-AFSC) have been prepared. The versatile nature of these ligands (L or L) has shown that they react readily with [RuCl2(CO)2ln giving very stable Ru(II) complexes. For example, the complex 1-acetylferrocenethiosemicarbazone, 7i-C5H5FeC5H4.CH3C=N.NH.CS.NH2. (1-AFTSC) or 1-acetylferrocenesemicarbazone, 7i-C5H5FeC5H4CH3C=N. NH.CO.NH2- (1-AFSC) acts as bidentate ligand in which thiosemicarbazone or semicarbazone moiety acts as bridge between two metal systems giving bimetallic complexes. Thus, the reaction of [RuCl2(CO)2]n with 1-AFTSC or 1-AFSC yields 1-acetylferrocenethiosemicarbazone dichlorodicarbonylruthenium (II) [7C-C5H5FeC5H4CH3C=N. NH.CS.NH2RuCl2(CO)2] or 1-acetylferrocenesemicarbazone dichlorodicarbonylruthenium(H) [7C-C5H5FeC5H4CH3C=N.NH.CO.NH2.RuCl2(CO)2] complexes respectively as shown in the scheme of reactions (Fig. 1). Similarly reactions of CuX2(X = Cl or Br) and NiCl2.XH2O with 1-AFTSC yield respective organometallic complexes. All the complexes were identified by elemental analysis and were characterized by IR treated with [RuCl2(CO)2]n[8]. However, 1-acetylferrocenethiosemicarbazone, (7C-C5H5FeC5H4CH3 C=N.NH.CS.NH2) has proved very useful bidentate ligand. and ^H-NMR spectroscopy and elemental analyses. en_US
description.abstract إستخدم متراكب ثنافي الكلوريد ثلْافي الكربونيل للروثنيوم الثنائي كمادة أولية لتحضير متراكبات الروثنيوم الثنائي مع مرتبطات إِحادية المخلب المتعادلة وكدْلك مع المرتبطات ثنائية المخلب مثل اثيلين ثنافي الأمين ومشتقات الفروسين ثيوسيمكربازوق ه ولقد تم التعرف على تلك المتراكبات باستخدام طيف الأشعة تحت الحمراء والرنين النووي المغناطيسي للبروتون وكذلك التحليل العنصسي . ar
language.iso en en_US
publisher Qatar University en_US
subject Inroganic Chemistry en_US
subject الكيمياء غير العضوية ar
subject Ferrocene thiosemicarbazone en_US
title Synthesis And Spectroscopic Studies On Some Ruthenium(II) Complexes en_US
title.alternative تحضير ودراسات طيفية على بعض متراكبات الروثنيوم الثنائي ar
type Article en_US
identifier.pagination 75-79 en_US
identifier.issue خاص en_US
identifier.volume 14 en_US

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