The purpose of this policy is to guide the users to the submission of documents to the Institutional Repository.

Source / Authority

This policy was developed by the Office of the Vice President and Chief Academic Officer. The Head of Library Systems Section within Qatar University Library is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it directs actual practice.

Who should know this policy

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Legal Advisor
  • Dean
  • Director / Departmental Head
  • Faculty
  • Accounting / Finance Personnel
  • Students
  • All Employees


  • Abstract
  • A summary of the resource. As with the title, there is additional optional field to add the abstract in another language.

  • Copyright
  • Legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works.

  • Creator(s)
  • An entity primarily responsible for making the resource. Names are entered family name first followed by the given name.

  • Date Issued
  • This is the date of publication or approval of your work.

  • Distribution License
  • The rights the submitter grants to the hosting institution, Qatar University.

  • Embargo
  • A period of time during which access to academic journals is not allowed to users who have not paid for access (or have access through their institution).

  • Faculty Contribution
  • A published work created by a QU faculty member during the faculty member’s employment and affiliation at QU.

  • Guests
  • The Guests category contains the works presented at the University by guests from outside QU for lectures, conferences, and academic events.

  • Institutional Repository (IR)
  • Digital collections of the outputs created within a university or research institution.

  • Intellectual Property
  • Intangible rights to, or tangible embodiment of, any work or invention. Intellectual property can be protected by various patent, copyright, database right, trademark, trade secret, mask work, plant variety protection, and other property laws and treaties.

  • Student Theses and Dissertations
  • Work created by a current QU graduate student in full or partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree received.

  • University Publications
  • A work or series of works published by QU.

  • QSpace
  • This is the name given to the Qatar University Institutional Repository. The purpose of QSpace is to capture, store, index, preserve and redistribute QU research material in digital formats.

Collection / Content / Authority

  • Student theses and dissertations must be submitted into the Qatar University Institutional Repository through the Office of Graduate Studies(OGS).

  • The following may be submitted into the Qatar University Institutional Repository:
    1. Faculty Contribution
    2. University Publications
    3. Research Units Publications
    4. Guests speeches, lectures and presentations

  • Faculty are explicitly permitted to self-deposit their work into their corresponding collection/s.

  • Authors retain the copyright for all papers posted in the repository.

  • The contributor shall grant Qatar University a nonexclusive deposit license to distribute and preserve the submitted and approved content.

  • Contributors may place an embargo on submitted content.

  • Authors may request that the Library remove their working paper, but cannot request to remove published papers.