Digital content may only be submitted by authorized members of a particular community or collection, this includes University faculty and staff. Submitters must have valid QU login credentials. Submitters may only submit their own original work during their tenure at QU, and must provide a minimum set of bibliographic metadata. The validity and authenticity of digital content is the responsibility of the creator/submitter. Digital content may be submitted at any time, though access may be restricted for any reason at any time for any length of time. Contributors must be willing and able to grant the University the non-exclusive rights to both preserve and make their work available.

All submissions are reviewed by a repository administrator for quality control purposes. Submissions are vetted for eligibility of creators/submitters, metadata quality and formatting, acceptable content form and file format. Any copyright violations are the responsibility of the creator/submitter. Submitters can refer to the institutional repository’s copyright policies and seek the assistance of IR administrators for any questions regarding copyright.

All submissions may be edited for metadata by IR administrators. IR administrators will not edit or alter any full text content, they are authorized to edit metadata only. Submitters will be notified when their submission is archived in the repository.