• 28 Sport communication and the politics of identity in the MENA region 

      Amara, Mahfoud; Hamidou, Kamal ( De Gruyter Mouton , 2021 , Book chapter)
      This chapter examines the sporting context in the MENA region, and the role of media coverage in mobilizing narratives around sport performance, in the construction of collective imagination framed around national unity, ...
    • Algeria and the FIFA World Cup: between political legitimization and regional rivalry 

      Amara, Mahfoud; Bouandel, Youcef ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2022 , Article)
      Algeria’s history with the FIFA World Cup can be divided into two main periods. The first stretches from independence in 1962 to the early 1990s, which saw Algeria qualifying twice in 1982 and 1986. In the 1990s, Algeria ...
    • Contemporary Qatar : Examining State and Society 

      Zweiri, Mahjoob; Al Qawasmi, Farah; Abushouk, Ahmed Ibrahim; Al-Jaber, Khalid; Zaccara, Luciano; ... more authors ( Springer , 2021 , Book)
      This book addresses critical topics and unanswered questions on the contemporary state of Qatar. Drawing together a unique combination of authors that have researched the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in general, and the ...
    • Culture and the World Cup: The Case of Qatar 

      Amara, Mahfoud; Bouandel, Youcef ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2022 , Book chapter)
      The hosting of the World Cup is certainly a monumental achievement by the state of Qatar. Not only it brings the country to more international exposure, and helps it rip the potential economic benefits, but also it offers ...
    • Editorial Introduction: Asian Sport History and Culture in the Twenty-first Century 

      Fan, Hong; Amara, Mahfoud; Henry, Emeritus Ian; Lu, Zhouxiang ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2020 , Other)
      When the proposal for a new journal dedicated to the analysis of Asian sport history and culture, (in partnership with its parent journal, the International Journal of the History of Sport) was first mooted, its endorsement ...
    • Islam and Leisure 

      Walseth, Kristin; Amara, Mahfoud ( Palgrave Macmillan , 2017 , Book chapter)
      [No abstract available]
    • Islamic sport marketing or sport marketing in Muslim cultures and communities 

      Bodet, Guillaume; Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2015 , Book chapter)
      As naming is categorising and, in turn, categorising is excluding, there have been many discussions about the respective definitions of marketing and sport marketing, their differences, their communalities, their practices, ...
    • Place and Space of Global Sport in the Gulf Region: Promotion, Development and Identity Narratives 

      Amara, Mahfoud ( Springer , 2021 , Book chapter)
      The reorganisation (or regeneration) of the urban space around the sport theme in cities such as Doha, Dubai and Manama, aims to offer citizens and residents a “spectacular” sporting experience. Furthermore, it offers ...
    • Research on sport and Islam: The way forward 

      Amara, Mahfoud; Testa, Alberto ( Taylor & Francis Group , 2015 , Book chapter)
      [No abstract available]
    • Sport and development in Qatar: International and regional dynamics of sport mega-events 

      Amara, Mahfoud; Ishac, Wadih ( Taylor & Francis , 2021 , Book chapter)
      Since winning the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar has been under the spotlight, responding to criticism regarding the working conditions of workers involved in the construction of football stadia and other ...
    • Sport and international relations in North Africa 

      Bouandel, Youcef; Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2018 , Book chapter)
      Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia share the same history of French colonial presence. While Algeria was simply annexed to become part of the French territory and divided into three provinces, Tunisia and Morocco were under the ...
    • Sport and Muslims or Muslims in sport, post-9/11 

      Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2016 , Book chapter)
      This chapter organizes three aspects: hijab and the ‘Islamization’ of sport; Arab-Muslim investment in sport as a means for ‘soft power’; and sport and the question of integration of Muslims as a challenge to citizenship ...
    • Sport and political transition in Tunisia: Another terrain of competition between Islamists and seculars 

      Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2015 , Book chapter)
      This chapter reports on a research project that focused on how policy makers perceived and responded to the sporting needs of Muslim communities in Norway. A unique trait of Norwegian sport policy is that sport organizations ...
    • Sport and politics in the Arab world 

      Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis , 2016 , Book chapter)
      This chapter examines the interaction between sport and politics in the Arab World. In post-independence, in the 1950s and 1960s, sport was an arena for the consolidation of national unity, at least the way it was dened ...
    • Sport and the ‘question’ of Islam in Europe 

      Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2020 , Book chapter)
      The aim of this chapter is to examine how the debate about Islam in Europe is affecting the discourse on sport and Islam and Muslim communities. Recent sources of tensions occurred around the question of Islam including ...
    • Sport at Home, Sport in the World: Evaluating Qatar’s Sports Strategy from Above and Below 

      McManus, John; Amara, Mahfoud ( Springer , 2021 , Book chapter)
      This piece is an overview of actors and policies concerning sport in the nation of Qatar. In recent years, sports have been given high priority in government attempts to raise exposure of the nation internationally. Many ...
    • Sport in Islam and in Muslim communities 

      Testa, Alberto; Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2015 , Book)
      As Islam's visibility in global society increases, Muslim populations grow, and Muslim countries compete to take up positions at the heart of global sport, the interplay between sport and Islam becomes ever more illuminating. ...
    • Sport in Islam: The complexities, controversies and context 

      Testa, Alberto; Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor & Francis Group , 2015 , Book chapter)
      no abstract
    • Sport in the African World 

      Nauright, John; Amara, Mahfoud ( Taylor and Francis Group , 2018 , Book)
      Sport has been a component of African cultural life for several hundred years. In today's globalized world, Africans and Africa have become a vital part of the international sporting landscape. This is the first book to ...
    • Sport labour migrant communities from the maghreb in the GCC 

      Amara, Mahfoud ( Oxford University Press , 2017 , Book chapter)
      Qatar and the UAE in particular are emerging as a new destination for sport labor migration, including from the Maghreb and the Maghrebi community in Europe, which is the focus of this chapter. Specifically, the study ...