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    (E)-2-{[(Furan-2-ylmethyl)imino]methyl}-4-nitrophenol  Hijji, Yousef; Azemati, Samira; Butcher, Ray J.; Jasinski, Jerry P.2014International Union of CrystallographyArticle
    E-Cigarette Liquid Provokes Significant Embryotoxicity and Inhibits Angiogenesis.  Ashour, Anas; Alhussain, Hashim; Rashid, Umar Bin; Abughazzah, Labiba; Gupta, Ishita; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
    E-government as a tool for improving entrepreneurship  Abu-Shanab, Emad Ahmed; Osmani, Mohamad2019IGI GlobalArticle
    E-government contribution to better performance by public sector  Abu-Shanab, Emad Ahmed2017IGI GlobalArticle
    E-Recruitment & the effectiveness of the diffrernet means of internet as a recruitment source: A case study of five stars hotels in Qatar  Al-Natsheh, Dana2016Professional Masters Project
    E5 and E6/E7 of high-risk HPVs cooperate to enhance cancer progression through EMT initiation  Al Moustafa, Ala-Eddin2015Taylor & FrancisArticle
    EAMP-AIDC - Energy-aware mac protocol with adaptive individual duty cycle for EH-WSN  Bouachir, Ons; Ben Mnaouer, Adel; Touati, Farid; Crescini, Damiano2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Early Cretaceous Dinoflagellate Cysts And Miospores From The Mersa Matruh 1 Borehole, North West Desert, Egypt
    Alternative Title: احافير الطحالب البحرية والأبواغ وحبوب اللقاح في صخور الطباشيري السفلى - بئر مرسى مطروح 1 الصحراء الغربية- مصر
    El Beialy, Salah Y. M. [صلاح يوسف البيلي]1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Early Diagnosis of Iron Deficiency in School Children: A Qatari Experience  Amer, Aliaa; Abu-Madi, Marawan; El Dabbagh, Mohamed; Kamal, Madeeha; Shebl, Fatma; ... more authors 2015OMICS Publishing GroupArticle
    Early feeding practices and associated factors in Sudan: a cross-sectional analysis from multiple Indicator cluster survey.  Abdel-Rahman, Manar E; El-Heneidy, Asmaa; Benova, Lenka; Oakley, Laura2020BMCArticle
    Early Hepatic Gene Expression Profile of Lipid Metabolism of Mice on High Fat Diet after Treatment with Anti‐Obesity Drugs  Rizk, Nasser M; Saleh, Amena; Elsayegh, Dina; Algamal, Abdelrahman2020FASEBConference Paper
    Early life exposure to 1959-1961 Chinese famine exacerbates association between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Shi, Zumin; Ji, Linong; Ma, Ronald C W; Zimmet, Paul2019WileyArticle
    An early marker of monoclonal light chain protein In bladder cancer
    Alternative Title: سلسلة بروتينية من النوع الخفيف وحيدة المنشأ واستخدامها كدليل للكشف المبكر عن سرطان المثانة
    Ibrahim, A. M. [ا م ابراهيم]; Khalil, A. M.; Shaheen, F. A.; Hussein, M. M.; El-Shawarby, N. K.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Early stage litter decomposition across biomes  Djukic, I.; Djukic, Ika; Kepfer-Rojas, Sebastian; Schmidt, Inger Kappel; Larsen, Klaus Steenberg; ... more authors 2018Elsevier B.V.Article
    Early years education in Qatar: The good practice guide in theory and practice  Al-Thani, Tamader; Al-Muftah, Esraa; Romanowski, Michael H.; Coughlin, Chris; Abuelhassan, Hadeel2016Consortia Academia PublishingArticle
    Earth Resistivity And Self-Potential Study On The Area East Of Sohag City And Their Groundwater Implications
    Alternative Title: دراسة المقاومة الأرضية والجهد الذاتي واستخدامها في الكشف عن مخزون الماء الجوفي في المنطقة الواقعة شرق مدينة سوهاج - مصر
    Ibrahim, H. A. [حمزه احمد ابراهيم]; Bakheit, A. A.; Faheem, S. M.1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Earth-abundant oxygen evolution catalysts coupled onto ZnO nanowire arrays for efficient photoelectrochemical water cleavage  Jiang, C.; Moniz, S.J.A.; Khraisheh, M.; Tang, J.2014Wiley-VCH VerlagArticle
    East Industrial Pedestrian Bridge: A Case Study of Value Engineering and High Performance Material  Tzaveas, Theodoros2020Qatar Univesrity PressConference Paper
    East meets West: Working together in interprofessional education and practice  El-Awaisi, Alla; Barr, Hugh2017Elsevier IncArticle
    ECG Abnormalities Induced By Scorpion Venom Administration: The Effect And The Mechanism
    Alternative Title: شذوذ رسم القلب الكهربي الناشئ عن سم العقرب :التأثير والآلية
    Omran, Mohamed A. A. [محمد علاء عبدالله عمران]; Ibrahim, H. A.; Nabil, Z. I.1994Qatar UniversityArticle