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AuthorChoi, Seyeong
AuthorAlouini, M.-S.
AuthorYang, Hong-Chuan
AuthorHasna, M.O.
Available date2009-12-27T05:31:08Z
Publication Date2009
Publication NameVTC Spring 2009. IEEE 69thVehicular Technology Conference, 2009.
CitationSeyeong Choi; Alouini, M.-S.; Hong-Chuan Yang; Hasna, M.O., "Comparison of Relaying Strategies for Cooperative Diversity Systems with Adaptive Modulation," Vehicular Technology Conference, 2009. VTC Spring 2009. IEEE 69th , vol., no., pp.1,5, 26-29 April 2009
AbstractIn this paper, we propose several relay selection schemes for cooperative diversity systems with adaptive transmission. The proposed schemes are based on dual-hop relaying with multiple relays. We analyze the performance of the proposed schemes by quantifying the average spectral efficiency and the outage probability. We also investigate the tradeoff of performance and complexity among proposed schemes by evaluating the average number of active relays, path estimations, and signal- to-noise ratio comparisons. Our proposed schemes and analysis are also applicable to single relay systems with multiple antennas.
Subjectantenna arrays
Subjectadaptive modulation
Subjectdiversity reception
Subjectspectral analysis
TitleComparison of relaying strategies for cooperative diversity systems with adaptive modulation
TypeConference Paper

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