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A non-communication based protection algorithm for multi-terminal HVDC grids  Abu-Elanien, Ahmed E. B.; Abdel-Khalik, Ayman S.; Massoud, Ahmed M.; Ahmed, Shehab2017Elsevier LtdArticle
A Minorization-Maximization Algorithm for Maximizing the Secrecy Rate of the MIMOME Wiretap Channel  Masood, Mudassir; Ghrayeb, Ali; Babu, Prabhu; Khalil, Issa; Hasna, Mazen2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Wideband radar based fall motion detection for a generic elderly  Erol, Baris; Amin, Moeness G.; Boashash, Boualem; Ahmad, Fauzia; Zhang, Yimin D.2017IEEE Computer SocietyConference Paper
Robust Feature Extraction and Classification of Acoustic Partial Discharge Signals Corrupted With Noise  Hussein, Ramy; Shaban, Khaled Bashir; El-Hag, Ayman H.2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
A Nine-Phase Six-Terminal Concentrated Single-Layer Winding Layout for High-Power Medium-Voltage Induction Machines  Abdel-Khalik, Ayman S.; Ahmed, Shehab; Massoud, Ahmed M.2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
A new nano-power trigger circuit for battery-less power management electronics in energy harvesting systems  Alghisi, D.; Ferrari, V.; Ferrari, M.; Touati, F.; Crescini, D.; ... more authors 2017Elsevier B.V.Article
Modelling and simulation of single- and triple-junction solar cells using MATLAB/SIMULINK  Hussain, Abdulrahman Babiker; Abdalla, Abdelrahman S.; Mukhtar, Abdellahi Sidi; Elamin, M.; Alammari, R.; ... more authors 2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
A Sinusoidal Encoder-to-Digital Converter Based on an Improved Tangent Method  Benammar, Mohieddine; Khattab, Asem; Saleh, Sharief; Bensaali, Faycal; Touati, Farid2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Dielectric properties of Mn doped Bismuth Barium Titanate based ceramic thin films prepared by PLD technique  Mallick, Shoaib; Vorobiev, Andrei; Ahmad, Zubair; Touati, Farid; Gevorgian, Spartak2017Elsevier LtdArticle
Stochastic model predictive tracking of piecewise constant references for LPV systems  Chitraganti, Shaikshavali; Toth, Roland; Meskin, Nader; Mohammadpour, Javad2017Institution of Engineering and TechnologyArticle
Dynamic interference-limited relay sharing in cognitive radio networks by using hierarchical modulation  Khakzad, Hamidreza; Taherpour, Abbas; Shakeri, Reza; Khattab, Tamer2017Institution of Engineering and TechnologyArticle
PTNet: An efficient and green data center network  Baccour, E.; Foufou, S.; Hamila, R.; Tari, Z.; Zomaya, A.Y.2017Academic Press Inc.Article
Secret communication on the Z-Channel with cooperative receivers  Fayed, Abdallah; Khattab, Tamer; Lai, Lifeng2017IEEE Computer SocietyConference Paper
Design, fabrication, and characterization of low-power gas sensors based on organic-inorganic nano-composite  Abu-Hani, Ayah F.S.; Awwad, Falah; Greish, Yaser E.; Ayesh, Ahmad I.; Mahmoudd, Saleh T.2017Elsevier B.V.Article
Analysis of a solar PV/battery/DG set-based hybrid system for a typical telecom load: a case study  Iqbal, A.,Bin Arif, M. Saad; Ayob, Shahrin Md; Siddiqui, Khursheed2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Nonlinear Suboptimal Tracking Controller Design Using State-Dependent Riccati Equation Technique  Batmani Y.; Davoodi M.; Meskin N.2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Wi-Fi Direct Research ? Current Status and Future Perspectives  Khan, Muhammad Asif; Cherif, Wael; Filali, Fethi; Hamila, Ridha2017Academic PressArticle Review
Adaptive sliding mode-based diagnosis of actuator faults for LPV systems  Rahme, Sandy; Meskin, Nader; Mohammadpour, Javad2017John Wiley and Sons LtdArticle
Single- and multi-source battery-less power management circuits for piezoelectric energy harvesting systems  Alghisi, D.; Ferrari, V.; Ferrari, M.; Crescini, D.; Touati, F.; ... more authors 2017Elsevier B.V.Article
Achieving energy efficiency in data centers with a performance-guaranteed power aware routing  Baccour, E.; Foufou, S.; Hamila, R.; Tari, Z.2017Elsevier B.V.Article

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