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AuthorTimmermans C.
AuthorAlhajyaseen W.
AuthorReinolsmann N.
AuthorNakamura H.
AuthorSuzuki K.
Available date2019-05-19T10:09:45Z
Publication Date2019
Publication NameIATSS Research
AbstractProfessional drivers play a significant role within the traffic system of the State of Qatar. With developing infrastructure, the need for professional drivers is growing. However, knowledge is lacking about their perception of traffic safety. Therefore, this study investigates the personal acceptance of risky driving and suggested traffic laws among this specific group of drivers, in order to create understanding about their likelihood to commit certain risky driving behaviors and their resistance to the implementation of certain traffic laws. The aim of this study is to establish which personal attributes of professional drivers in Qatar could influence a high likelihood to commit risky driving behaviors, estimating which specific groups of professional drivers impose the highest risk to violate certain traffic laws. Results indicate that transportation mode, origin and years of driving experience are all personal attributes that have a significant impact on the professional driver's risk to commit risky driving behaviors and their opposition to the implementation of related traffic laws. Distressing results have been found for the high likelihood to violate speed in school zones and the high risk to be distracted by any type of phone use while driving, suggesting the need to put emphasize on these safety hazards during the training programs of professional drivers at professional driving schools in the State of Qatar. � 2019 International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences
PublisherElsevier B.V.
dc.source Scopus
SubjectCrash risk
SubjectProfessional drivers
SubjectState of Qatar
SubjectTraffic law
SubjectTraffic safety culture
SubjectTraffic violation
TitleTraffic safety culture of professional drivers in the State of Qatar

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