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AuthorTheodoropoulou I.
AuthorAlos J.
Available date2019-09-25T11:18:32Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NameVisual Communication
AbstractThis article focuses on the ways in which, after its successful bid to host the ‘mega event’ of World Cup 2022, Qatar is branded as a sports tourism destination in the online semioscape and linguascape of sports events. The promotional multimodal digital material that Qatar has already released to launch its ambitious sports-related projects in both its English and Arabic versions is analysed from a critical perspective of multimodal discourse analysis and social semiotics, focusing on image making. This includes the strategic use of symbolic and material markers that construct Qatar as a distinctive destination offering its visitors high quality sports while also being good value for money as it brings the world to its visitors through sports, inter alia. Finally, the argument put forward is that Qatar constructs a politically appealing and distinctive campaign, oscillating between tradition-driven utopia and the remarkably transformed modern landscape of the country.
PublisherSAGE Publications Ltd
dc.source Scopus
Subjectimage making
Subjectsports tourism
TitleExpect amazing! Branding Qatar as a sports tourism destination

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