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AuthorPadmanaban S.
AuthorBhaskar M.S.
AuthorMaroti P.K.
AuthorBlaabjerg F.
AuthorFed?k V.
Available date2019-11-04T05:19:28Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NameEnergies
AbstractIn this article a new Transformer and Switched Capacitor-based Boost Converter (T & SC-BC) is proposed for high-voltage/low-current renewable energy applications. The proposed T & SC-BC is an original extension for DC-DC boost converter which is designed by utilizing a transformer and switched capacitor (T & SC). Photovoltaic (PV) energy is a fast emergent segment among the renewable energy systems. The proposed T & SC-BC combines the features of the conventional boost converter and T & SC to achieve a high voltage conversion ratio. A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller is compulsory and necessary in a PV system to extract maximum power. Thus, a photovoltaic MPPT control mechanism also articulated for the proposed T & SC-BC. The voltage conversion ratio (Vo/Vin) of proposed converter is (1 + k)/(1 - D) where, k is the turns ratio of the transformer and D is the duty cycle (thus, the converter provides 9.26, 13.88, 50/3 voltage conversion ratios at 78.4 duty cycle with k = 1, 2, 2.6, respectively). The conspicuous features of proposed T & SC-BC are: (i) a high voltage conversion ratio (Vo/Vin); (ii) continuous input current (Iin); (iii) single switch topology; (iv) single input source; (v) low drain to source voltage (VDS) rating of control switch; (vi) a single inductor and a single untapped transformer are used. Moreover, the proposed T & SC-BC topology was compared with recently addressed DC-DC converters in terms of number of components, cost, voltage conversion ratio, ripples, efficiency and power range. Simulation and experimental results are provided which validate the functionality, design and concept of the proposed approach.
PublisherMDPI AG
SubjectDC-DC boost converter
SubjectLow current
SubjectMaximum power point tracking
SubjectRenewable energy
SubjectSwitched capacitor
TitleAn original transformer and switched-capacitor (T & SC)-based extension for DC-DC boost converter for high-voltage/low-current renewable energy applications: Hardware implementation of a new T & SC boost converter
Issue Number4
Volume Number11

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