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AuthorShi, Zumin
AuthorBadi Abou-Samra, Abdul
Available date2019-11-07T10:11:32Z
Publication Date2019-10-01
Publication NameDiabetes Research and Clinical Practiceen_US
CitationZ. Shi, A. Badi Abou-Samra, Association of low serum magnesium with diabetes andhypertension: findings from Qatar Biobank Study, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice (2019)
AbstractWe aimed to examine the association between serum magnesium and diabetes and hypertension among Qatari adults. In the cross-sectional study, we used data from 9693 Qatari participants) aged 20 years and above attending the Qatar Biobank (QBB) Study. Blood samples were analyzed in a central lab. Habitual food consumption was assessed by a food frequency questionnaire. Reduced rank regression was used to construct magnesium related dietary pattern (MRDP) using serum magnesium as a response variable. Diabetes was defined by blood glucose, HbA1c or known diabetes. Prediabetes was defined as HbA1c between 5.7% and 6.4%. Subclinical magnesium deficiency was defined as serum magnesium <0.85 mmol/L. The prevalence of diabetes, prediabetes and subclinical magnesium deficiency was 18.9%, 11.5% and 59.5%, respectively. Across the quartiles of serum magnesium from high to low, the prevalence ratios (PR 95%CI) for diabetes were 1.00, 1.35, 1.88, and 2.70 (95%CI 2.38-3.05), respectively (p for trend <0.001). The presence of hypertension significantly increased the probability of diabetes along a wide range of low serum magnesium. A low intake of MRDP was also positively associated with diabetes and high HbA1c. Subclinical magnesium deficiency is common in Qatar and associates with diabetes, prediabetes and hypertension in Qatari adults.
SubjectMagnesium deficiency
SubjectQatar Biobank
Subjectdietary pattern
TitleAssociation of low serum magnesium with diabetes and hypertension: findings from Qatar Biobank Study.

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