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AuthorBhaskar M.S.
AuthorPadmanaban S.
AuthorBlaabjerg F.
AuthorWheeler P.W.
Available date2020-03-03T06:19:06Z
Publication Date2018
Publication Name2018 IEEE 19th Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics, COMPEL 2018
AbstractIn this article, an improved Multistage Switched Inductor (M-SI) based power converter or Improved Multistage Switched Inductor Boost Converter (Improved M-SIBC) is proposed for renewable applications which provides a key to enhancing the voltage conversion ratio. In the last decades, Switched Inductor (SI) and M-SI are the popular network/technique employed in DC-DC converter to achieve a high voltage conversion ratio. An improved SI and M-SI network/technique is proposed to enhance the existing the voltage conversion capabilities of SI and M-SI by replacing central uncontrolled switches by polarized capacitor. The anticipated power converter configuration combines the feature of the conventional boost converter and improved M-SI. The voltage conversion a capability is depends on the number of stages of M-SI and ON time of the control switch. The operation modes and characteristics of the proposed converter with steady state mathematical analysis for N-stages are discussed in detail. Moreover, the proposed converter compared with the existing converter in terms of the voltage conversion ratio and the detail of the number of components is also provided. Matrix Laboratory R2016a simulation results of 100W proposed improved M-SIBC with considering three stages are provided and the results always show a good agreement with theoretical analysis and also validates the improved M-SI network concept.
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
dc.source Scopus
SubjectMatrix Laboratory R2016a
SubjectRenewable Energy
SubjectSwitched Inductor
SubjectVoltage Conversion Ratio
TitleAn Improved Multistage Switched Inductor Boost Converter (Improved M-SIBC) for Renewable Energy Applications: A key to Enhance Conversion Ratio
TypeConference Paper

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