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AuthorKong G.
AuthorZhang Y.
AuthorKhalaf A.J.M.
AuthorPanahi S.
AuthorHussain I.
Available date2020-04-15T12:01:41Z
Publication Date2019
Publication NameEuropean Physical Journal: Special Topics
AbstractIn this paper, a new four-dimensional nonlinear oscillator is introduced. This oscillator is memristive and can exhibit chaotic behavior. A complete dynamical analysis is done on each parameter of this system by the help of bifurcation diagram and Lyapunov exponents’ diagram. In order to estimate parameters of the proposed system, we use a new cost function based on the similarity between return maps. Then, with the help of ions motion optimization method, we minimize the obtained cost function and find the exact value of parameters.
PublisherSpringer Verlag
SubjectChaotic systems
SubjectChaos theory
SubjectGlobal chaos
TitleParameter estimation in a new chaotic memristive system using ions motion optimization
Issue Number10
Volume Number228

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