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AuthorBotrè, Francesco
AuthorGeorgakopoulos, Costas
AuthorElrayess, Mohamed A
Available date2020-06-14T06:34:28Z
Publication Date2020-06-01
Publication NameBioanalysisen_US
CitationBotrè F, Georgakopoulos C, Elrayess MA. Metabolomics and doping analysis: promises and pitfalls [published online ahead of print, 2020 Jun 12]. Bioanalysis. 2020;10.4155/bio-2020-0137. doi:10.4155/bio-2020-0137
AbstractThis brief commentary presents an overview of the potential utility of metabolomics-based approaches in doping analysis, with particular emphasis on areas where the current analytical procedures would most benefit from an improvement of their efficacy. Metabolomics, first defined by O Fiehn at the beginning of this millennium as “a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of all metabolites” of a given biological system [1], has not been considered in the field of doping analysis until very recently.With the exception of the monitoring of the urinary steroid profile, which is de facto a form of ‘targeted steroidomics’, metabolomics-based procedures are not yet part of the routine analytical activity of the antidoping laboratories accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). We aim to supply a critical view on the potential utility of metabolomics-based approaches in doping analysis, outlining how they could complement the analytical procedures already in place at the WADA accredited laboratories, and what is still needed to ensure their actual application in doping analysis.
PublisherFuture Science
Subjectathlete biological passport
Subjectdoping analysis
Subjectmarkers of effect
Subjectmarkers of exposure
TitleMetabolomics and doping analysis: promises and pitfalls.

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