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AuthorDatta, Saptashwa
AuthorRajnish, K Narayanan
AuthorGeorge Priya Doss, C
AuthorMelvin Samuel, S
AuthorSelvarajan, E
AuthorZayed, Hatem
Available date2020-07-20T06:15:28Z
Publication Date2020-07-01
Publication NameExpert Opinion on Biological Therapyen_US
CitationSaptashwa Datta , K Narayanan Rajnish , C George Priya Doss , S. Melvin Samuel , E. Selvarajan & Hatem Zayed (2020): Enzyme therapy: a forerunner in catalyzing a healthy society?, Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy, DOI: 10.1080/14712598.2020.1787980
AbstractThe use of enzymes in various industries has been prevalent for centuries. However, their potency as therapeutics remained latent until the late 1950 s, when scientists finally realized the gold mine they were sitting on. Enzyme therapy has seen rapid development over the past few decades and has been widely used for the therapy of myriad diseases, including lysosomal storage disorders, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and hyperuricemia. Enzymes are also used for wound healing, the treatment of microbial infections, and gene therapy. This is a comprehensive review of the therapeutic use of enzymes that can act as a guidepost for researchers and academicians and presents a general overview of the developments in enzyme therapy over the years, along with updates on recent advancements in enzyme therapy research. Although enzyme therapy is immensely beneficial and induces little auxiliary damage, it has several drawbacks, ranging from high cost, low stability, low production, and hyperimmune responses to the failure to cure a variety of the problems associated with a disease. Further fine-tuning and additional clinical efficacy studies are required to establish enzyme therapy as a forerunner to catalyzing a healthy society.
PublisherTaylor & Francis
SubjectAlzheimer’s disease
SubjectEnzyme therapy
Subjectexocrine pancreatic insufficiency
Subjectgene therapy
Subjectirritable bowel syndrome
Subjectlysosomal storage disorders
TitleEnzyme therapy: a forerunner in catalyzing a healthy society?

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