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AuthorBouachir, Ons
AuthorBen Mnaouer, Adel
AuthorTouati, Farid
AuthorCrescini, Damiano
Available date2021-03-25T11:33:35Z
Publication Date2016
Publication Name2016 8th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility and Security, NTMS 2016
AbstractRecent advances in environmental sources harvesting technologies is a promising solution to provide sustainable energy sources for wireless sensor networks (WSN). Renewable energy sources such as solar, thermal and electromagnetic waves constitute viable alternatives to maximize the network lifetime. Therefore, networking software awareness and adaptability to energy availability conditions should translate into innovative supporting features for data gathering, aggregation, routing and dissemination. Thus, it is paramount to develop robust energy harvesting-aware networking platforms that support the above services and guarantee low energy consumption and data integrity in a noisy, constrained environment. In this paper, we present an opportunistic routing and data dissemination protocol for energy harvesting wireless sensor network (EH-WSN) based on cross-layer constructs that allows across the layers synchronization and coordination between the routing protocol and the application layer services. The OMNET++ based extensive simulation of this protocol showed promising results in terms of meeting application requirements of handling urgent traffic and delay tolerant traffic seamlessly and ensuring energy usage efficiency.
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
SubjectElectromagnetic waves
Energy efficiency
Energy harvesting
Energy utilization
Environmental technology
Internet protocols
Low power electronics
Network routing
Power management (telecommunication)
Renewable energy resources
Routing protocols
Application requirements
Cross-layer design
Data aggregation
Data dissemination protocols
Low energy consumption
Opportunistic routing
Renewable energy source
Sustainable energy sources
Wireless sensor networks
TitleOpportunistic routing and data dissemination protocol for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks
TypeConference Paper

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