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AuthorPiet, Remi
AuthorWright, Steven
Available date2021-06-20T06:10:58Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameEnergy Relations and Policy Making in Asia
AbstractFive GCC countries have developed shortages of natural gas, while Qatar possesses the third largest reserves of natural gas globally, and yet no meaningful GCC-wide gas network exists. Qatar's commercially grounded energy policy together with a reluctance to enter into an energy-dependent status with a close neighbour understandably favours high East Asian above the discounted rate demanded by GCC states. As a result, natural gas geopolitics has prompted Qatar to take on a global energy policy resulting in an increased integration with Asian states. The focus of this paper is to assess the dynamics of the regional energy market of the GCC, how existing tensions foster Qatar's increased interconnectivity with East Asia, and the resulting impact on traditional international alliances with Europe and North America.
PublisherSpringer Singapore
SubjectForeign Direct Investment
Saudi Arabia
Foreign Policy
United Arab Emirate
Energy Security
TitleThe dynamics of energy geopolitics in the Gulf and Qatar's Foreign relations with East Asia
TypeBook chapter

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