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Arabian Gulf Cup offers hope of diplomatic breakthrough  McManus, John2020Gulf Studies center - Qatar UniversityArticle
Gulf Security in the Age of Covid-19
Alternative Title: أمن الخليج في عصر كوفيد -19

Cole, Juan; Baabood, Abdullah; Kozhanov, Nikolay; Zaccara, Luciano; Al Ansari, Majed2020Gulf Studies center - College of Arts & Sciences - Qatar UniversityVideo
The UAE-Israel Normalisation ''If you can't convince them, confuse them''  Zweiri, Mahjoob2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Covid-19 in Saudi Arabia: Beyond the health crisis  Occhiuto, Antonino2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Covid-19 Crisis and Iran-Turkey-Qatar Relations: Economic Downgrade and Corona Diplomacy  Battaloglu, Nesibe Hicret2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Covid-19 in War-Ravaged Yemen: Ends or doubles the war?  Dogan-Akkas, Betul2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Navigating Troubled Waters: Experts' Views on GCC Challenges for Socio-Economic Recovery in the Post-Covid-19 Period  Kozhanov, Nikolay; Zaccara, Luciano2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Missed Opportunities: The Trump Administration, Iran, and the Coronavirus Pandemic  Cole, Juan2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Oman: Food Security in Times of Uncertainty  Hoetjes, Gertjan2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
How sanctions and the pandemic affect Iran's economy  Salehi-Isfahani, Djavad2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Saudi Arabia: More Room for Wahhabism Lite?  Aarts, Paul2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Saudi Arabia in Struggle for the Chinese Oil Market: the Price War as Necessity  Kozhanov, Nikolay2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Pandemic threatens to drive wedge into US-Gulf relations  Dorsey, James M.2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Covid-19, a Common Threat towards Intrusive Regionalism  Zakeri, Mahdokht2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
The Covid-19 Pandemic: Vulnerability of Migrant workers in the GCC States  Rahman, Md Mizanur2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
COVID-19 and Plummeting Oil Prices; a Time of Reckoning for Oman  al Mukhaini, Ahmed Ali M.2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
The Sudden Cost of Unexpected Threats: The Novel Coronavirus and Dubai  Baycar, Hamdullah2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Covid-19 in Kuwait: An Opportunity for the Government  Albloshi, Hamad H.2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Covid-19 in Qatar: Well Versed in Crisis Management  Jones, Marc Owen2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
Molecular and electronic structure elucidation of Fe2+/Fe3+ complexed chelators used in iron sulphide scale removal in oil and gas wells  Onawole, Abdulmujeeb T.; Hussein, Ibnelwaleed A.; Sultan, Abdullah; Abdel-Azeim, Safwat; Mahmoud, Mohamed; ... more authors 2019Wiley-Liss Inc.Article

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