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AuthorChkirbene, Zina
AuthorHasna, Mazen O.
AuthorHamila, Ridha
AuthorHamdi, Noureddine
Available date2021-07-05T11:03:41Z
Publication Date2016
Publication Name2016 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshops, WCNCW 2016
AbstractCooperative spectrum sensing (CSS) has been proposed as a solution for radio spectrum resources scarcity problem. Clustering technique is introduced to increase the performance of CSS and overcome the shadowing and fading effects, also to reduce the control channel overhead for big number of cooperative users. However, Clustering is facing two major issues which are the data falsification caused by the malicious users and the increasing delay and energy consumption especially when the cluster heads is far away from the fusion center. In this paper, we propose a cluster and forward based on the trust CSS. By dividing all the secondary users into clusters and using of the trust threshold for selecting the most trusted CHs that can send their sensing decisions to the fusion center which can save more energy consumption and delay transmission, and improve the spectrum sensing performance. 2016 IEEE.
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
SubjectCooperative Spectrum Sensing
Subjectdelay transmission secondary users
Subjectsensing performance
Subjectthe energy consumption
TitleEnergy-efficient based on cluster selection and trust management in cooperative spectrum sensing
TypeConference Paper

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