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AuthorGroma, Veronika
AuthorFerenczi, Zita
AuthorAlföldy, Bálint
AuthorOsán, János
AuthorTörök, Szabina
AuthorSteib, Roland
Available date2021-09-07T06:16:20Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameHARMO 2016 - 17th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Proceedings
AbstractThis paper presents the verification process of the Emission and Dispersion Modeling System adapted to evaluate the air quality of Liszt Ferenc International Airport. One receptor point was selected at the Airport, at Terminal Building 2 for the analysis, where an air quality monitoring station has been operating. Modeling results completed with background concentrations generated from another suburban monitoring station were compared with measured hourly concentrations using statistical indicators for three compounds (CO, NOX and PM10). Acceptable correlation coefficients (0.53-0.76) were obtained, however modeled PM10 concentrations were significantly underestimated. Pollution roses were generated that highlighted the areal distribution of the pollution sources influencing air quality at the receptor point. The contribution of aircraft movement and apron area emission was found to be well rated, but in case of CO and NOX small (17%) deficiency was found for ground vehicles emission, moreover a much higher (65%) difference was obtained for PM10 2018 Hungarian Meteorological Service.
PublisherHungarian Meteorological Service
SubjectAirport air quality
SubjectDispersion modeling
SubjectEDMS modeling system
TitleEdms model verification considering remarkable changes in airport traffic system
TypeConference Paper
Volume Number2016-May

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