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Extreme 15N Depletion in Seagrasses  Walton, M. E. M.; Al-Maslamani, I.; Haddaway, N.; Kennedy, H.; Castillo, A.; ... more authors 2016Springer New York LLCArticle
Bryophyte cover and richness decline after 18 years of experimental warming in alpine Sweden.  Alatalo, Juha M; Jägerbrand, Annika K; Erfanian, Mohammad Bagher; Chen, Shengbin; Sun, Shou-Qin; ... more authors 2020Oxford University PressArticle
Temporal variations in ambient air quality indicators in Shanghai municipality, China  Chen, Yuanyuan; Bai, Yang; Liu, Hongtao; Alatalo, Juha M.; Jiang, Bo2020Nature ResearchArticle
مادة البقاء في إصلاح فساد الهواء والتحرر من ضرر الأوباء (المقدسي محمد بن أحمد التميمي)  السعدوني، فاضل; Sadooni, Fadhil2020دار نشر جامعة قطرBook Review
Staminodes evolution and in vitro development innovation in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)  Masmoudi-Allouche, Faïza; Kriaa, Walid; Drira, Noureddine2019Elsevier Masson SASArticle
Global change effects on plant communities are magnified by time and the number of global change factors imposed  Komatsu K.J.; Avolio M.L.; Lemoine N.P.; Isbell F.; Grman E.; ... more authors 2019National Academy of SciencesArticle
Hiding in the background: community-level patterns in invertebrate herbivory across the tundra biome  Rheubottom S.I.; Barrio I.C.; Kozlov M.V.; Alatalo J.M.; Andersson T.; ... more authors 2019Springer VerlagArticle
Geochemical investigation of Yamama crude oils and their inferred source rocks in the Mesopotamian Basin, Southern Iraq  Al-Khafaji A.J.; Al Najm F.M.; Al Ibrahim R.N.; Sadooni F.N.2019Taylor and Francis Inc.Article
PAH concentrations and exposure assessment from house dust retained in air-conditioning filters collected from Greater Doha, Qatar  Mahfouz M.M.; Hassan H.M.; Elobaid E.A.; Yigiterhan O.; Alfoldy B.2019Springer NetherlandsArticle
An integrated approach for produced water treatment using microemulsions modified activated carbon  Al-Kaabi M.A.; Al-Ghouti M.A.; Ashfaq M.Y.M.; Ahmed T.; Zouari N.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
Investigation and Application of Bacillus licheniformis Volatile Compounds for the Biological Control of Toxigenic Aspergillus and Penicillium spp  Ul Hassan Z.; Al Thani R.; Alnaimi H.; Migheli Q.; Jaoua S.2019American Chemical SocietyArticle
Transcriptome assembly and abiotic related gene expression analysis of date palm reveal candidate genes involved in response to cadmium stress  Rekik I.; Chaâbene Z.; Kriaa W.; Rorat A.; Franck V.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier Inc.Article
Assessing the vulnerability of socio-environmental systems to climate change along an altitude gradient in the Indian Himalayas  Gupta A.K.; Negi M.; Nandy S.; Alatalo J.M.; Singh V.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier B.V.Article
Elemental compositions of particulate matter retained on air condition unit’s filters at Greater Doha, Qatar  Mahfouz, M.; Mahfouz, Mohamed M.; Yigiterhan, Oguz; Elnaiem, A. E.; Hassan, Hassan M.; ... more authors 2019Springer NetherlandsArticle
BTEX, nitrogen oxides, ammonia and ozone concentrations at traffic influenced and background urban sites in an arid environment  Alfoldy, B.; Mahfouz, M.M.K.; Yigiterhan, O.; Safi, M.A.; Elnaiem, A.E.; ... more authors 2019ElsevierArticle
Geochemical composition of Aeolian dust and surface deposits from the Qatar Peninsula  Yigiterhan, Oguz; Alfoldy, Balint Z.; Giamberini, Mariasilvia; Turner, Jesse C.; Al-Ansari, Ebrahim S.; ... more authors 2018ElsevierArticle
Health implications of atmospheric aerosols from asbestos-bearing road pavements traditionally used in Southern Brazil.  Godoi, Ricardo H M; Gonçalves, Sérgio J; Sayama, Célia; Polezer, Gabriela; Reis Neto, José M; ... more authors 2016Springer VerlagArticle
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in dust from the indoor environment of Qatar  Kotb, Mohamed M.; Alfoldy, Balint; Yigiterhan, Oguz; Elnaiem, A.E.; Hassan, Hassan M.; ... more authors 2016Hamad Bin Khalifa University PressConference Paper