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AuthorMola, M.
AuthorMeskin, N.
AuthorKhorasani, K.
AuthorMassoud, Ahmed
Available date2022-03-23T06:57:31Z
Publication Date2020
Publication NameIFAC-PapersOnLine
AbstractIn this paper, the problem of distributed event-based control of large scale power systems is addressed. Towards this end, a Direct Current (DC) microgrid that is composed of multiple interconnected Distributed Generation Units (DGUs) is considered. Voltage stability is guaranteed by utilizing decentralized local controllers for each DGU. A distributed discrete-time event-triggered (ET) consensus-based control strategy is then designed for current sharing in the DGUs. In this mechanism, the transmissions occur while a specified event is triggered to prevent unessential utilization of communication resources. The asymptotic stability of the ET-based controller is shown formally by using Lyapunov stability via linear matrix inequality (LMI) conditions. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology is demonstrated and substantiated in simulation case study.
SponsorQatar Foundation;�Qatar National Research Fund
PublisherElsevier B.V.
SubjectAsymptotic stability
Large scale systems
Linear matrix inequalities
Communication resources
Control strategies
Distributed events
Distributed generation units
Large-scale power systems
Local controllers
Lyapunov stability
Voltage stabilization
TitleDistributed event-triggered consensus-based control for current sharing and voltage stabilization of DC microgrids
TypeConference Paper
Volume Number53

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