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AuthorAwad A.
AuthorMohamed A.
AuthorChiasserini C.-F.
Available date2022-04-21T08:58:28Z
Publication Date2017
Publication NameIEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine
AbstractThe increasing tendency toward extreme network densification has motivated network operators to leverage spectrum across multiple radio access networks to significantly enhance spectral efficiency, quality of service, and network capacity. Therefore, there is a substantial need to develop innovative network selection mechanisms that consider energy efficiency while meeting application quality requirements. In this context, in accordance with the new trends foreseen for fifthgeneration (5G) systems, we propose a user-centric scheme for efficient network selection. Our solution accounts for network characteristics and application requirements, as well as for different user objectives, by assigning them different weights and dynamically updating them. Numerical results show the efficiency of the proposed solution and its ability to grasp the conflicting nature of users' objectives while achieving an excellent balance between them. Results also show that our solution leads to a significantly increased operating time of user devices. 2012 IEEE.
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
SubjectHeterogeneous networks
Quality of service
Wireless networks
Application quality
Application requirements
Dynamic network selections
Heterogeneous wireless network
Network characteristics
Network selection
Numerical results
Spectral efficiencies
Energy efficiency
TitleDynamic Network Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: A user-centric scheme for improved delivery
Issue Number1
Volume Number6

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