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AuthorAbdelsalam E.
AuthorKafiah F.
AuthorTawalbeh M.
AuthorAlmomani F.
AuthorAzzam A.
AuthorAlzoubi I.
AuthorAlkasrawi M.
Available date2022-04-25T08:00:13Z
Publication Date2021
Publication NameInternational Journal of Energy Research
AbstractThis study presents a novel design that combines cooling tower (CT) and traditional solar chimney power plant (SCPP) technologies for electricity generation and seawater desalination. The proposed hybrid solar chimney power plant (HSCPP) shares the operation of the chimney part and the bi-directional turbine between the SCPP and CT, allowing alternative operation of the CT during the nighttime and the SCPP during the daytime, and achieving continuous system utilization. The performance of the HSCPP design was validated against baseline models using 1 year of weather data from the city of Aqaba in Jordan. Results revealed that the HSCPP has the potential to produce ~50% electricity (528 MWh/year) higher than the traditional SCPP (365 MWh/year). The annual seawater desalination capacity of the HSCPP was estimated at 138300 m3, which is 1.5 folds higher than the traditional SCPP. The HSCPP reduced the annual CO2 emissions by 40% (~500 tons) compared to traditional SCPP with annual revenue of US$190 000. Furthermore, the results show that the HSCPP is 1.4 times more efficient than the traditional SCPP. The HSCPP achieved a system utilization factor of 0.73% compared to 0.52% for the traditional SCPP. The HSCPP showed promising sustainable and economical technology for the production of electricity and water while reducing the emission of GHG.
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd
Subjectcooling tower
hybrid solar chimney
solar chimney
solar water distillation
TitlePerformance analysis of hybrid solar chimney?power plant for power production and seawater desalination: A sustainable approach
Issue Number12
Volume Number45

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