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TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
Economic Drivers of the GCC Investments in the Horn of Africa Region  Miniaoui, Héla2019Gulf Studies CenterOther
Funding liquidity risk and banks' risk-taking: Evidence from Islamic and conventional banks  Smaoui, Houcem; Mimouni, Karim; Miniaoui, Héla; Temimi, Akram2020ElsevierArticle
Food Security in the GCC Countries: Towards a More Diversified and Sustainable Economic Development  Al-Handhali, Khalil; Miniaoui, Héla2020Springer NatureBook chapter
Economic Development in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: From Rentier States to Diversified Economies  Miniaoui, Héla2020Springer NatureBook
Kuwait Islamists: From Institutionalized to Informal Opposition  Zaccara, Luciano2019ministry of research, science and technologyArticle
Iran and the Intra-GCC Crisis: Risks and Opportunities  Zaccara, Luciano2019foundation for european progressive studiesArticle
La República Islámica de Irán en perspectiva  Zaccara, Luciano2019Fundación DialnetArticle
Cambio y estabilidad política en las monarquías del Golfo tras la Primavera Árabe  Zaccara, Luciano; Saldana, Marta2015CIDOB BARCELONA CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRSArticle
Las políticas de ciudadanía en los estados del Consejo de Cooperación del Golfo
Alternative Title: Citizenship Policies in the Gulf Cooperation Council States

Zaccara, Luciano; Saldana, Marta2017Grupo de Estudios de Relaciones Internacionales (GERI)Article
LOS PAÍSES DEL CONSEJO DE COOPERACIÓN DEL GOLFO E IRAQ  Zaccara, Luciano2016AWRAQ Estudios sobre el mundo árabe e islámico contemporáneoArticle
The challenges of Rohani’s second term  Zaccara, Luciano2017TEPSA - Trans European Policy Studies AssociationReport
Iran’s Permanent Quest for Regional Power Status  Zaccara, Luciano2016Palgrave MacmillanBook chapter
Kuwait’s Islamist Proto-parties and the Arab Uprisings: Between Opposition, Pragmatism and the Pursuit of Cross-Ideological Cooperation  Zaccara, Luciano; Freer, Courtney; Kraetzschmar, Hendrik2018edinburgh university pressBook chapter
The Role of the GCC Countries in Ending Piracy in the Horn of Africa  Elmi, Afyare; Mohammed, Said2016Center for Research and Policy StudiesArticle
Developing an Inclusive Citizenship in Somalia: Challenges and Opportunities  Elmi, Afyare A.2017Article
Decentralized Unitary System: A Possible Middle Ground for Somalia  Elmi, Afyare2015Center for Research and Policy StudiesArticle
Iran 2017: From Rouhani’s Reelection To The December Protests  Zaccara, Luciano2017Asia MaiorArticle
Illegal Fishing and Piracy in the Horn of Africa: The Role of the MENA region  Elmi, Afyare A.2018Oxford University Press (OUP)Book chapter
Iran’s Relations with the Arab States of the Gulf: Common Interests over Historic Rivalry  Warnaar, Maaike; Zaccara, Luciano; Aarts, Paul2016Gerlan PressBook

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