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AuthorTrinchero D.
AuthorStefanelli R.
AuthorKadri A.
AuthorAbu-Dayya A.
AuthorKhattab T.
AuthorHasna , Mazen
Available date2022-04-26T11:06:56Z
Publication Date2011
Publication NameProceedings of IEEE Sensors
AbstractThe paper presents the design and construction of a test bench for the analysis and certification of radio-acoustic sensors inside conduits filled with liquids. It is a brand new test-set that integrates the capability to validate and calibrate (separately and together) the electromagnetic and acoustic front-ends of mobile nodes belonging to wireless sensor networks deployed inside conduits. The test bed consists of a pipeline that has been configured in order to host fixed and mobile wireless sensors, which can be connected by cabled and/or radio links towards the external part of the conduit. Inserting the sensor in a real scenario, with exact working conditions, parameters like the efficiency, the gain, the radiation pattern, the reflection coefficient of the radiofrequency component, the sensitivity of the acoustic component, the precision tracking can be efficiently evaluated and consequently a precise calibration is possible. The speed and pressure of the liquid, as well as the speed of the sensor, can be controlled remotely. A de-embedding procedure has been introduced, in order to eliminate the effect of the external noise.
SponsorQatar National Research Fund
SubjectAcoustic components
Design and construction
Experimental setup
External noise
Mobile nodes
Mobile wireless
Precision tracking
Radio frequencies
Reliability characterization
Test benches
Test sets
Water pipes
Working conditions
Acoustic devices
Equipment testing
Radio links
Reliability analysis
Water pipelines
TitleAdvanced experimental setup for the reliability characterization of radio-acoustic sensors in water pipes
TypeConference Paper

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