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    Fatty acid-binding protein 5 (FABP5)-related signal transduction pathway in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells: a potential therapeutic target  Naeem, Abdulghani A.; Abdulsamad, Saud A.; Rudland, Philip S.; Malki, Mohammed I.; Ke, Youqiang2019Oxford University PressArticle Review
    Cardiac rehabilitation delivery in low/middle-income countries.  Pesah, Ella; Turk-Adawi, Karam; Supervia, Marta; Lopez-Jimenez, Francisco; Britto, Raquel; Ding, Rongjing; Babu, Abraham; Sadeghi, Masoumeh; Sarrafzadegan, Nizal; Cuenza, Lucky; Anchique Santos, Claudia; Heine, Martin; Derman, Wayne; Oh, Paul; Grace, Sherry L2019BMJ Publishing GroupArticle
    Detection of β-Arrestin-Mediated G Protein-Coupled Receptor Ubiquitination Using BRET.  Nagi, Karim; Shenoy, Sudha K2019Humana Press, New York, NYBook chapter
    Molecular aspects of delta opioid receptors.  Gendron, Louis; Nagi, Karim; Zeghal, Manel; Giguère, Patrick M; Pineyro, Graciela2019ElsevierArticle
    Exploring use of unsupervised clustering to associate signaling profiles of GPCR ligands to clinical response.  Benredjem, Besma; Gallion, Jonathan; Pelletier, Dennis; Dallaire, Paul; Charbonneau, Johanie; Cawkill, Darren; Nagi, Karim; Gosink, Mark; Lukasheva, Viktoryia; Jenkinson, Stephen; Ren, Yong; Somps, Christopher; Murat, Brigitte; Van Der Westhuizen, Emma; Le Gouill, Christian; Lichtarge, Olivier; Schmidt, Anne; Bouvier, Michel; Pineyro, Graciela2019Springer NatureArticle
    Biomarkers of Targeted Therapy and Immuno-Oncology in Cancers Metastatic to the Breast.  Vranic, Semir; Senarathne, Wijendra; Stafford, Phillip; Poorman, Kelsey; Pockaj, Barbara A; Gatalica, Zoran2019Lippincott, Williams & WilkinsArticle
    Spray-Dried Proliposome Microparticles for High-Performance Aerosol Delivery Using a Monodose Powder Inhaler  Omer, H.; Omer, Huner K.; Hussein, Nozad R.; Ferraz, Amina; Najlah, Mohammad; Ahmed, Waqar; Taylor, Kevin M.G.; Elhissi, Abdelbary M.A.2018Springer New York LLCArticle
    Efficient detection and adsorption of cadmium(II) ions using innovative nano-composite materials  Awual, M.; Awual, Md Rabiul; Khraisheh, Majeda; Alharthi, Nabeel H.; Luqman, Monis; Islam, Aminul; Rezaul Karim, Mohammad; Rahman, Mohammed M.; Khaleque, Md Abdul2018Elsevier B.V.Article
    Arab female and male perceptions of factors facilitating and inhibiting their physical activity: Findings from a qualitative study in the Middle East  Donnelly, T.; Donnelly, Tam Truong; Mohammed Al-Thani, Al Anoud bint; Benjamin, Kathleen; Al-Khater, Al Hareth; Fung, Tak Shing; Ahmedna, Mohamed; Welch, Ailsa2018Public Library of ScienceArticle
    Improving biogas production from agricultural waste by photo-Fenton process  Almomani, F.; Bhosale, R. R.; Kumar, A.; Khraisheh, M. A.M.; Shawaqfah, M.2018AIChEConference Paper
    Climate change vulnerability in urban slum communities: Investigating household adaptation and decision-making capacity in the Indian Himalaya  Pandey, R.; Pandey, Rajiv; Alatalo, Juha M.; Thapliyal, Kavita; Chauhan, Sharmila; Archie, Kelli M.; Gupta, Ajay K.; Jha, Shashidhar Kumar; Kumar, Manoj2018Elsevier B.V.Article
    Changing Trends in the Referral and Timing of Treatment for Congenital Cryptorchidism: A Single-Center Experience from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Zvizdic, Zlatan; Islamovic, Belma; Milisic, Emir; Jonuzi, Asmir; Vranic, Semir2019ElsevierArticle
    Perception of community pharmacy personnel towards patient counseling and continuing pharmacy education programs in Aden, Yemen  Alshakka, M.; Alshakka, Mohamed; Bahattab, Awsan; Ravi Shankar, P.; Ansari, Mukhtar; Ali, Heyam Saad; Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed2018Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic ResearchArticle
    Wind power smoothing using demand response of electric vehicles  Raoofat, M.; Raoofat, M.; Saad, M.; Lefebvre, S.; Asber, D.; Mehrjedri, H.; Lenoir, L.2018Elsevier LtdArticle
    Soccer training: High-intensity interval training is mood disturbing while small sided games ensure mood balance  Selmi, O.; Selmi, Okba; Haddad, Monoem; Majed, Lina; Ben Khalifa, Wissam; Hamza, Marzougui; Chamari, Karim2018Edizioni Minerva MedicaArticle
    Real-time automated image segmentation technique for cerebral aneurysm on reconfigurable system-on-chip  Zhai, X.; Zhai, Xiaojun; Eslami, Mohammad; Hussein, Ealaf Sayed; Filali, Maroua Salem; Shalaby, Salma Tarek; Amira, Abbes; Bensaali, Faycal; Dakua, Sarada; Abinahed, Julien; Al-Ansari, Abdulla; Ahmed, Ayman Z.2018Elsevier B.V.Article
    Fixed point results of F-rational cyclic contractive mappings on 0-complete partial metric spaces  Mustafa, Z.; Mustafa, Zead; Khan, Sami Ullah; Jaradat, M. M.M.; Arshad, Muhammad; Jaradat, H. M.2018Forum-Editrice Universitaria Udinese SRLArticle
    الهجرة الصينية الى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية في النصف الثاني من القرن التاسع عشر: الدوافع، التوزيع والتحديات
    Alternative Title: Chinese Immigration to the United States of America in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century: Motives, Distribution, and Challenges
    بني سلامه, محمد عبدالرحمن نايل2018الجامعة الأردنية - عمادة البحث العلميArticle
    Health Outcomes from Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Infections in High-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  Parisi, A.; Parisi, Andrea; Crump, John A.; Glass, Kathryn; Howden, Benjamin P.; Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Vilkins, Samantha; Gray, Darren J.; Kirk, Martyn D.2018Mary Ann LiebertArticle
    A new DC-DC multilevel breed of XY converter family for renewable energy applications: Ly multilevel structured boost converter  Padmanaban, S.; Padmanaban, Sanjeevikumar; Bhaskar, Mahajan Sagar; Blaabjerg, Frede; Yang, Yongheng2018Conference Paper