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TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
Active vibration control of flexible cantilever plates using piezoelectric materials and artificial neural networks  Abdeljaber, Osama; Avci, Onur; Inman, Daniel J.2016Academic PressArticle
Predicting the performance of multi-media filters using artificial neural networks  Hawari, Alaa H.; Alnahhal, Wael2016IWA PublishingArticle
Probabilistic analysis of fatigue life for asphalt mixtures using the viscoelastic continuum damage approach  Sadek, Husam; Masad, Eyad; Al-Khalid, Hussain; Sirin, Okan2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Effect of mixing duration on flexural strength of multi walled carbon nanotubes cementitious composites  Mohsen, Mohamed O.; Al-Nuaimi, Nasser; Abu Al-Rub, Rashid K.; Senouci, Ahmed; Bani-Hani, Khaldoon A.2016Elsevier LtdArticle
A chronological exploration of the evolution of housing typologies in Gulf cities  Remali, Adel M.; Salama, Ashraf M.; Wiedmann, Florian; Ibrahim, Hatem G.2016SpringerArticle
3D characterization of sand particle-to-particle contact and morphology  Druckrey, Andrew M.; Alshibli, Khalid A.; Al-Raoush, Riyadh I.2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Multiobjective optimization model for scheduling of construction projects under extreme weather  Senouci, Ahmed B.; Mubarak, Saleh A.2016Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Drained residual shear strength at effective normal stresses relevant to soil slope stability analyses  Eid, Hisham T.; Rabie, Khaled H.; Wijewickreme, Dharma2016Elsevier B.V.Article
Comparative evaluation of fatigue resistance of warm fine aggregate asphalt mixtures  Sadeq, Mohammed; Al-Khalid, Hussain; Masad, Eyad; Sirin, Okan2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Performance Evaluation of Vehicle Restraint Systems in the Context of Design and Installation  Tahmasseby, Shahram; Muley, Deepti; Wink, Bernd Wolfgang2021Article
The effect of end bearings on the dynamic behaviour of floating-slab tracks with discrete slab units  Hussein, Mohammed F. M.; Costa, Pedro A.2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Effect of crushable blockouts on a full-scale guardrail system  Sassi, Sadok; Sassi, Abdelmonaam; Ghrib, Faouzi2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Simulation-Based Condition Assessment Model for Sewer Pipelines  Hawari, Alaa; Alkadour, Firas; Elmasry, Mohamed; Zayed, Tarek2017American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)Article
Influence of particle morphology on 3D kinematic behavior and strain localization of sheared sand  Alshibli, Khalid A.; Jarrar, Maha F.; Druckrey, Andrew M.; Al-Raoush, Riyadh I.2017American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)Article
Optimization of linear zigzag insert metastructures for low-frequency vibration attenuation using genetic algorithms  Abdeljaber, Osama; Avci, Onur; Kiranyaz, Serkan; Inmanc, Daniel J.2017Academic PressArticle
Real-time vibration-based structural damage detection using one-dimensional convolutional neural networks  Abdeljaber, Osama; Avci, Onur; Kiranyaz, Serkan; Gabbouj, Moncef; Inmand, Daniel J.2017Academic PressArticle
A 10-step safety management framework for construction small and medium-sized enterprises  Gunduz, Murat; Laitinen, Heikki2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Effects of amphiphilic pluronic F127 on the performance of PS/SPEEK blend ultrafiltration membrane: Characterization and antifouling study  Teli, Shivanand B.; Benamor, Abdelbaki; Nasser, Mustafa; Hawari, Alaa; Zaidi, Syed Javaid; ... more authors 2017Elsevier LtdArticle
Sensing and monitoring for stadium structures: A review of recent advances and a forward look  Catbas, Fikret Necati; Celik, Ozan; Avci, Onur; Abdeljaber, Osama; Gul, Mustafa; ... more authors 2017Frontiers Media S.A.Article Review
Cost benefit analysis for failure of sewer pipelines  Elmasry, Mohamed; Hawari, Alaa; Zayed, Tarek2017EDP SciencesConference Paper

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