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AuthorAbdel-Razik, M.S.
AuthorIsmail, A. M. A.
Available date2015-11-08T08:35:35Z
Publication Date1990
Publication NameJournal of Vegetation Science
CitationAbdel-Razik, M.S. and Ismail, A. M. A. (1990), Vegetation composition of a maritime salt marsh in Qatar in relation to edaphic features. Journal of Vegetation Science, 1: 85�88.
AbstractCoverpercentage values for plant species were estimated using the line-intercept method along two belt transects starting at the lower mangrove frontier and ending at the upper height of the salt marsh. Twelve perennial species representing five growth forms were recorded with a total cover ranging between 10 and 50 %, depending on the type of substrate. Principal components analysis of the soil data indicated an array of stands, on the basis of which four vegetation zones couldbe distinguished. The procumbent growth form predominating on the salt marsh is related to high salinity levels. The procumbent vegetation shows a zonation related to the degree of waterlogging. The rhizomatous growth form is found on sites with a low bicarbonate content and saturation percentage levels, while the undershrub- and stoloniferous growth forms occupy sites of low salinity level, linked with intermediate values of the other edaphic factors.
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
SubjectPrincipal Components Analysis
TitleVegetation composition of a maritime salt marsh in Qatar in relation to edaphic features
Issue Number1
Volume Number1

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