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Mychonastes homosphaera (Chlorophyceae): A promising feedstock for high quality feed production in the arid environment  Imen, Saadaoui; Cherif, Maroua; Rasheed, Rihab; Bounnit, Touria; Al Jabri, Hareb; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
Nutritional Requirements to Improve Delta-Endotoxins Production of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Using Mixed Designs Modelling  Ennouri, Karim; Ben Hassen, Hanen; Zouari, Nabil2017Springer IndiaArticle
Cadmium-induced endothelial dysfunction mediated by asymmetric dimethylarginine.  Al-Naemi, Hamda A; Das, Sandra Concepcion2020SpringerArticle
Asynchrony among local communities stabilises ecosystem function of metacommunities  Wilcox, Kevin R.; Tredennick, Andrew T.; Koerner, Sally E.; Grman, Emily; Hallett, Lauren M.; ... more authors 2017Blackwell Publishing LtdOther
Microplastics in coastal environments of the Arabian Gulf  Abayomi, Oyebamiji Abib; Range, Pedro; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.; Obbard, Jeffrey Philip; Almeer, Saeed Hashim; ... more authors 2017Elsevier LtdArticle
Variation in plant litter decomposition rates across extreme dry environments in Qatar  Alsafran, Mohammed H.S.A.; Sarneel, Judith; Alatalo, Juha M.2017University of AkronArticle Review
Ecological and agriculture impacts of bakery yeast wastewater use on weed communities and crops in an arid environment  Abu-Dieyeh, Mohammed H.; Diab, Mahmoud; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.2017Springer VerlagArticle
Human and avicennia marina mangrove populations: With special reference to Qatar  Pernot, Othilie; Abu-Dieyeh, Mohammed H.; Simon, Laurent; Al-Khyatt, Jassim; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad2017University of AkronArticle
Salvia fruticosa Induces Vasorelaxation in Rat Isolated Thoracic Aorta: Role of the PI3K/Akt/eNOS/NO/cGMP Signaling Pathway  Anwar, M. Akhtar; Samaha, Ali A.; Ballan, Samar; Saleh, Alaaeldin I.; Iratni, Rabah; ... more authors 2017Nature Publishing GroupArticle
Community and species-specific responses of plant traits to 23 years of experimental warming across subarctic tundra plant communities  Baruah, Gaurav; Molau, Ulf; Bai, Yang; Alatalo, Juha M.2017Nature Publishing GroupArticle
Impact of temperature and storage time on the migration of antimony from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers into bottled water in Qatar  Al-Otoum, Fatima; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.; Costa, Ozeas S.; Khraisheh, Majeda2017Springer International PublishingArticle
اقتصاد المعرفة ومابعد جائحة كورونا  الجابري, حارب2020قطاع البحث والدراسات العليا - جامعة قطرVideo
الملكية الفكرية والابتكار وتخطي أزمة فايروس كوفيد-19 المستجد  المعاضيد, مريم; الكواري, آمنة; أبو الفرج, محمد سالم; حمودة, عبد المجيد; الجابري, حارب; ... more authors 2020جامعة قطرVideo
COVID-19 and the Climate Change
Alternative Title: كوفيد 19: والتغير المناخي

abdalla, mays; Ben-Hamadou, Radhouane2020Video
New records of freshwater crustaceans from vernal pools of Qatar including large branchiopods and a Mysid Shrimp, a natural resource of economic importance for the aquaculture industry  Kardousha, Mahmoud M.2017University of AkronArticle Review
Preliminary insight into winter native fish assemblages in guadiana estuary salt marshes coping with environmental variability and non-indigenous fish introduction  Goncalves, Renata; Teodosio, Maria Alexandra; Cruz, Joana; Ben-Hamadou, Radhouan; Correia, Ana Dulce; ... more authors 2017MDPI AGArticle
Protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) promotes survival of lymphoma cells via activation of WNT/B-catenin and AKT/GSK3B proliferative signaling  Chung, Jihyun; Karkhanis, Vrajesh; Baiocchi, Robert A.; Sif, Said2019American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc.Article
Interactions between topsoil properties and ecophysiological responses of mangroves (Avicennia marina) along the tidal gradient in an arid region in Qatar  CHANG, Hanna; HAN, Seung Hyun; KIM, Seongjun; AN, Jiae; ALATALO, Juha Mikael; ... more authors 2020the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).Article
Impacts of rural tourism-driven land use change on ecosystems services provision in Erhai Lake Basin, China  Li, Jinghui; Bai, Yang; Alatalo, Juha M.2020ElsevierArticle
CD44 mediates stem cell mobilization to damaged lung its novel transcriptional targets, Cortactin and Survivin  Ouhtit, Allal; Thouta, Rajesh; Zayed, Hatem; Gaur, Rajiv L; Fernando, Augusta; ... more authors 2020Ivyspring International PublisherArticle

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