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AuthorAl-Yousuf, S.
Available date2015-11-08T08:35:35Z
Publication Date1988
Publication NameJournal of Morphology
ResourceWiley Online Library
CitationAl-Yousuf, S. (1988), Distribution and ultrastructure of neurosecretory cells in the cerebral ganglion of the earthworm. Journal of Morphology, 197: 1�20.
AbstractNeurosecretory (Nsy) cells within the cerebral ganglion of Lumbricus terrestris were classified ultrastructurally. The Nsy cells within the subesophageal ganglion, nerve cord ganglion, and the peripheral nervous system were also examined. A comparative survey of Nsy cells of four other species of oligochaetes, Eisenia feotida, octolasion cyaneum, Dendrobeona subrubicunda, and Allolophora longa, was also carried out. Seven cell types (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, C, and SEF), distinguished by special cytological and ultrastructural features, were found within the cerebral ganglion. Distribution of these cells inside and outside the cerebral ganglion was studied in detail by light and electron microscopy. The nerve terminals of each cell type were followed into the neuropile region. Exocytosis from cell bodies appears to be the main release mechanism for the Nsy granules, whereas small Nsy vesicles are released through synapses in the neuropile. Peripheral fibers of some cell types (A1, A2, and A3) extend through the capsule to the pericapsular epithelium. It is possible that Nsy cells secrete hormones from their cell bodies and peripheral processes and that their centrally directed axons release modulators/transmitters within the neuropile.
PublisherWiley Subscription Services, Inc., A Wiley Company
Neurosecretory Systems.
cerebral ganglion.
TitleDistribution and ultrastructure of neurosecretory cells in the cerebral ganglion of the earthworm
Issue Number1
Volume Number197

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