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AuthorEl-Samak, Ali A.
AuthorRahman, Hammadur
AuthorPonnamma, Deepalekshmi
AuthorHassan, Mohammad K.
AuthorZaidi, Syed Javaid
AuthorAl-Maadeed, Mariam Al Ali
Available date2023-02-02T04:34:13Z
Publication Date2021
Publication NameMetal Oxide-Based Nanofibers and Their Applications
AbstractWater treatment through nanomaterials and nanocomposites is a booming research area, since water resources are of prime importance for human sustainability. Having high permeability, optimum pore size, and specific surface area and being lightweight and flexible in design make the nanofibrous media attractive for water purification. Specifically, metal oxide nanofibers have the additional advantage of degrading the organic pollutants in wastewater streams as a result of their photocatalytic efficiency. The mechanical strength, macroporous layer structure, and targeted properties, such as antifouling activity, are additional advantages for metal oxide nanoparticles and nanocomposites in water purification strategies. This chapter reviews a few recent research developments in the role of metal oxide-filled polymer composite nanofibers in water purification techniques. The challenges associated with the technologies and mitigation steps are also discussed. 2022 Elsevier Inc.
Subjectmetal oxide
Water treatment
TitleRole of metal oxide nanofibers in water purification
TypeBook chapter

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