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AuthorTsoutsanis, E.
AuthorMeskin, N.
AuthorBenammar, M.
AuthorKhorasani, K.
Available date2016-01-14T13:24:27Z
Publication Date2014-12
Publication NameApplied Energy
CitationTsoutsanis, E., Meskin, N., Benammar, M., Khorasani, K., "A component map tuning method for performance prediction and diagnostics of gas turbine compressors", (2014) Applied Energy, 135, pp. 572-585
AbstractIn this paper, a novel compressor map tuning method is developed with the primary objective of improving the accuracy and fidelity of gas turbine engine models for performance prediction and diagnostics. A new compressor map fitting and modeling method is introduced to simultaneously determine the best elliptical curves to a set of compressor map data. The coefficients that determine the shape of the compressor map curves are analyzed and tuned through a multi-objective optimization scheme in order to simultaneously match multiple sets of engine performance measurements. The component map tuning method, that is developed in the object oriented Matlab Simulink environment, is implemented in a dynamic gas turbine engine model and tested in off-design steady state and transient as well as degraded operating conditions. The results provided demonstrate and illustrate the capabilities of our proposed method in refining existing engine performance models to different modes of the gas turbine operation. In addition, the excellent agreement between the injected and the predicted degradation of the engine model demonstrates the potential of the proposed methodology for gas turbine diagnostics. The proposed method can be integrated with the performance-based tools for improved condition monitoring and diagnostics of gas turbine power plants.
SponsorNPRP Grant No. 4-195-2-065 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation)
PublisherElsevier Ltd
SubjectComponent map
Condition monitoring
Gas turbine
Model adaptation
Performance prediction
TitleA component map tuning method for performance prediction and diagnostics of gas turbine compressors
Volume Number135

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