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AuthorSaleh, Redhwan Mohammed
AuthorAnuar, Marhana Mohamed
AuthorAl-Swidi, Abdullah Kaid
AuthorOmar, Khatijah
Available date2023-03-14T07:30:06Z
Publication Date2020-03-02
Publication NameInternational Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development
AbstractAddressing the threats of climate change has become one of the world's major challenges. More than 36 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions have been recorded recently and the construction industry has been identified as one of the culprits in the worsening of climate change phenomena. Previous studies have revealed that conventional construction procedures are having a major impact on the environment. In light of these circumstances, this study examines the relationship among some influential and environmental factors - including awareness of environmental issues, knowledge of green practices, cost of green materials, subjective norms, attitudes, perceived behavioural control and intention to adopt green building practices in Qatar. The data were collected from 378 engineers using a survey method and were analysed using PLS-SEM. The findings confirmed that significant relationships exist among all variables except for the effect of perceived behaviour control on intention to adopt green building practices. This study provides valuable insight that may help decision makers to plan for strategies to increase the adoption of green building practices among construction companies.
Subjectawareness of environmental issues
knowledge of green practices
cost of green materials
intention to adopt
green building practices
theory of planned behaviour
TitleThe effect of awareness, knowledge and cost on intention to adopt green building practices
Pagination33 - 58
Issue Number1
Volume Number19

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