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AuthorFathelrahman, Ahmed Ibrahim
AuthorMohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham
Available date2023-03-30T10:26:56Z
Publication Date2018-01-01
Publication NamePharmacy Education in the Twenty First Century and Beyond: Global Achievements and Challenges
CitationFathelrahman, Ahmed Ibrahim, and Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim. "Introductory notes: why do we need a book on pharmacy education?." In Pharmacy Education in the Twenty First Century and Beyond, pp. 1-7. Academic Press, 2018.
AbstractPharmacy education in the 21st century has witnessed several important revolutionary changes. Although there is a growing pharmacy-related literature in the forms of research, published articles, and specialized journals, the term pharmacy education has not yet reached the stage of being a specialty in pharmacy as it is in medical education. The literature on pharmacy education, including scholarly activities such as books, book chapters, scientific papers, and technical reports, is still relatively limited compared to the literature on medical education. Previously published books have focused mainly on particular aspects of pharmacy education or have concentrated on pharmacy education in a certain country or institution. To our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive source of pharmacy education information that covers most of the issues and aspects pertaining to the topic collectively in one document. This book has succeeded in reflecting the diversity of experience in North America, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and other regions.
SubjectEducation reform
Global pharmacy education
Medical education
Pharmacy education literature
Twenty first century
TitleIntroductory Notes: Why Do We Need a Book on Pharmacy Education?
TypeBook chapter

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