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AuthorAlalwan, Ali Abdallah
AuthorAlgharabat, Raed Salah
AuthorBaabdullah, Abdullah Mohammed
AuthorRana, Nripendra P.
AuthorQasem, Zainah
AuthorDwivedi, Yogesh K.
Available date2023-04-09T10:42:02Z
Publication Date2020-03-20
Publication NameJournal of Enterprise Information Management
CitationAlalwan, A. A., Algharabat, R. S., Baabdullah, A. M., Rana, N. P., Qasem, Z., & Dwivedi, Y. K. (2020). Examining the impact of mobile interactivity on customer engagement in the context of mobile shopping. Journal of Enterprise Information Management.
AbstractPurpose: This study aims to examine the impact of mobile interactivity dimensions (active control, personalization, ubiquitous connectivity, connectedness, responsiveness and synchronicity) on customer engagement. Design/methodology/approach: A quantitative field survey study was conducted to collect the required data from actual users of mobile shopping in three countries: Jordan, the United Kingdom (UK) and Saudi Arabia. Findings: The results are based on structural equation modelling and support the impact of five dimensions of mobile interactivity: active control, personalization, ubiquitous connectivity, responsiveness and synchronicity. The impact of connectedness is not supported. The results also support the significant impact of customer engagement on customer loyalty. Research limitations/implications: This study only considered the shopping activities conducted by mobile channels, while other channels (e.g., online channels, traditional channels and social media shopping channels) are not considered. Furthermore, the current model does not consider the impact of personal factors (e.g., technology readiness, self-efficacy and user experience). The results of the current study present a foundation that can guide marketers and practitioners in the area of mobile shopping. Originality/value: This study enriches the current understanding of the impact of mobile interactivity on mobile shopping, as well as how mobile interactivity can enhance the level of customer engagement.
SubjectCustomer engagement
Mobile interactivity
Mobile shopping
TitleExamining the impact of mobile interactivity on customer engagement in the context of mobile shopping
Issue Number3
Volume Number33

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