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AuthorChen, Qian
AuthorAbdelwahed, Sherif
AuthorErradi, Abdelkarim
Available date2016-04-21T14:44:36Z
Publication Date2014-10
Publication NameIEEE Internet of Things Journal
CitationQ. Chen, S. Abdelwahed and A. Erradi, "A Model-Based Validated Autonomic Approach to Self-Protect Computing Systems," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 1, no. 5, pp. 446-460, Oct. 2014.
AbstractThis paper introduces an autonomic model-based cyber security management approach for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems. The approach aims at realizing a self-protecting system, which has the ability to autonomously estimate, detect, and react to cyber attacks at an early stage. Our approach integrates various model-based techniques including: 1) real-time estimation and baseline security controls to predict and eliminate potential cyber attacks; 2) data analysis to identify and classify attacks; and 3) a multicriteria optimization method to select the optimal active response for deploying countermeasures while maintaining system functions. The prototype framework has been developed with a master controller virtual machine, which can be configured for various platforms. Experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness of this proposed approach in protecting a Web-based application against known and unknown attacks with little or no human intervention.
SponsorQatar National Research Fund under Grant NPRP 09-778-2-299.
SubjectAutonomic computing
Subjectcyber security
SubjectWeb services
TitleA model-based validated autonomic approach to self-protect computing systems
Issue Number5
Volume Number1

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