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AuthorElsaadany, M.
AuthorKhattab, T.
Available date2016-04-26T14:13:23Z
Publication Date2014
Publication NameIEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC
CitationM. Elsaadany and T. Khattab, "Performance analysis of general order selection in decentralized cognitive radio networks," 2014 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Istanbul, 2014, pp. 1827-1831.
AbstractIn this paper, we consider an underlay secondary network comprising of K transmitter-receiver pairs sharing the spectrum of a primary network, which is divided into n non-overlapping frequency bands (subchannels). Each secondary pair can communicate over only one subchannel and should keep the interference generated to the primary network below a threshold. A decentralized multiple access algorithm is used by the secondary pairs to select a proper subchannel. We study the performance of a modified version of the medium access control (MAC) protocol proposed by Elkashlan et al., referred to as the general order selection algorithm. We obtain the statistics of the output signal-to-noise ratio of the algorithm, and the statistics of the achievable capacity per secondary pair. Closed-form expressions for the outage probability, average bit error rate of the secondary users, and the aggregate throughput of the secondary network are derived. Assessment of the analytical work of this paper is done through comparisons with simulation.
SponsorNPRP 09-1168-2-455 grant from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of The Qatar Foundation).
Subjectaccess protocols
Subjectcognitive radio
Subjecterror statistics
Subjectinterference (signal)
Subjectmulti-access systems
TitlePerformance analysis of general order selection in decentralized cognitive radio networks
TypeConference Paper

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