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Performance Evaluation for the HBVAND HCV Detection Protocols That Are Used By the Medical Commission Diagnostic Laboratory in Qatar  Al-Buainain, Reeham2020Biomedical sciencesMaster Thesis
Performance Evaluation for the HIV And Syphilis Detection Protocols Used By The Medical Commission Diagnostic Laboratory In Qatar  Albuainain, Raniya2020Biomedical sciencesMaster Thesis
The Use of Data-driven Quality Strategy to Improve the Processes of Patient Identification and Pre-transfusion Specimen Collection Documentation at Sidra Medicine  AL-ESHAQ, DANA HUSSAIN2020Biomedical SciencesProfessional Masters Project
Knowledge Level, Motivators and Barriers of Blood Donation Among Adults at Qatar University; A Cross-Sectional Survey  Ibrahim, Amal2020Biomedical SciencesProfessional Masters Project
Profiling of the Differentially Expressed Genes of Inflammation and Angiogenesis of Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells Evoked by Cell Injury In-Vitro to Mimic Acute Ischemic Stroke-Like Conditions  Al Hamed, Fatima Alzahra Mahmoud2020Biomedical SciencesMaster Thesis
Adult Hospital Inpatient Experience in Qatar And Associated Factors: A Cross-Sectional Study  Salem, Noora Abdulla Awad2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
Studying Frequencies, Types and Causes of Medical Laboratory Associated Errors Using the Electronic Occurrence, Variance and Accident (OVA) Reporting System in Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)  Al-Jurf, Rana M.2020Biomedical SciencesMaster Thesis
The Role of Qatar Community Pharmacists in Depression Care: A Survey of Attitudes, Practices and Percieved Barriers  Shami, Rula2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
Anticancer Activity of Guggulsterone in Human Leukemic Cells  Younes, Salma Nagy Mahmoud Zaky2020Biomedical SciencesMaster Thesis
Evaluating the Safety of Qatar University’s Educational Labs in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences by Risk Management Process  AlSahmmari, Wasaif R.2020Biomedical SciencesProfessional Masters Project
Detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Using Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)  Al-Mana, Hassan A.2020Biomedical SciencesMaster Thesis
The effect of Renin angiotensin system blockers versus calcium channel blockers on progression towards hypertensive chronic kidney disease: A comprehensive systematic review based on Randomized controlled trials  Rafeeque, Ameena Shifa2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
The Association Between Depressive Symptoms And Weight Loss Stages In Qatar: A Cross-Sectional General Population Investigation  Mohamed, Aisha Mostafa2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
Child Disciplinary Practices in Relation to Household Head Education and Beliefs in Five Middle East and North African Countries: A Cross-Sectional Study- Further Analysis of Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey Data.  Abdouqadoud, Abeer Hamdan2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
Prevalence of At-Risk Marriages among Couples Attending Premarital Screening (PMS) Programs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  ROSHAN, BIBIASMA SYED2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
Is There an Association between Attending Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and Health-related Quality of Life among Patients in Qatar?  Faisal, Eman A. I.2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
Patient Factors Associaed With Adherence And Change In Cardiac Risk Factors Among Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients In Qatar  Saad, Rahma Ahmed Abdulazim2020Public HealthMaster Thesis
Improving Waiting Times in Hand Surgery Clinic at Rumailah Hospital, Qatar  Al Hadi, Samah A. Abd2020Public HealthProfessional Masters Project
Incidence of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis  Hamad, Yasser Mohammed Khattab2019Public HealthMaster Thesis

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