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AuthorKardousha, Mahmoud
Available date2017-02-06T07:43:17Z
Publication Date2003
Publication NameRivista Di Parassitologia
CitationKardousha, M. M. (2003). Helminth parasite larvae collected from Arabian Gulf fishes. III. First report on genus Dasyrhynchus Pintner, 1928 (Cestoda: Trypano-rhyncha) with a key depending on morphology of plerocercoid larvae. Rivista di Parassitologia. XX (LXIV), N.1, 59-68
AbstractTwo trypanorhynchan cestode larvae related to genus Dasyrhynchus are reported for the first time from Emirati coastal waters, Arabian Gulf. The first is Dasyhynchus sp. collected as encysted. larvae from body cavity of Argyrops filamentousus and lethrinus kallopterus. The second is D. magnus which infects Parupeneus pleurotoneia at the same location. The two specimens are the only Dasyrhanchisds which have relatively short bullbs and anteriorly straight sheaths. Dasyrhynchus sp. Is characterized by single chainette rather than double with a peculiar bi-winged elements while D. magnus has a double chainette and bulbs which clearly projecting into Pars proliferaus. A key is proposed depending mainly on scolex morphology and armature pattern to distinguish between the different valid species of genus.
SponsorQatar university
PublisherUniversita Di Messina, Istituto Di Parassitologia Medica
SubjectMarine parasites
SubjectArabian Gulf
SubjectFish parasites
Subjectfood hygiene
TitleHelminth parasite larvae collected from Arabian Gulf fish III. first report on genus Dasyrhynchs Pintner 1928 (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) with a key depending on morphology of plerocercoid larva
Issue Number1
Volume NumberXX(LXIV)

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