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An overview of brine management: Emerging desalination technologies, life cycle assessment, and metal recovery methodologies  Adewale S., Bello; Zouari, Nabil; Da'ana, Dana A.; Hahladakis, John N.; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.2021ElsevierArticle Review
Evidence of thermo and halotolerant Nannochloris isolate suitable for biodiesel production in Qatar Culture Collection of Cyanobacteria and Microalgae  Saadaoui, Imen; Al Ghazal, Ghomza; Bounnit, Touria; Al Khulaifi, Fatma; Al Jabri, Hareb; ... more authors 2016ElsevierArticle
Secondary metabolites as anti-nutritional factors in locally used halophytic forage/fodder  Ehsen, S.; Qasim, M.; Abideen, Z.; Rizve, R. F.; Gul, B.; ... more authors 2016Pakistan Botanical SocietyArticle
Effect of extraction solvents on polyphenols and antioxidant activity of medicinal halophytes  Qasim, M.; Aziz, I.; Rasheed, M.; Gul, B.; Ajmal Khan, M.2016Pakistan Botanical SocietyArticle
Development of an integrated sustainability matrix to depict challenges and trade-offs of introducing bio-based plastics in the food packaging value chain  Gerassimidou, Spyridoula; Martin, Olwenn V.; Chapman, Stephen P.; Hahladakis, John N.; Iacovidou, Eleni2021ElsevierArticle
Opportunities, challenges and trade-offs with decreasing avoidable food waste in the UK  Patel, Shivalee; Dora, Manoj; Hahladakis, John N.; Iacovidou, Eleni2021SAGE PublicationsArticle
A systems thinking approach to understanding the challenges of achieving the circular economy  Iacovidou, Eleni; Hahladakis, John N.; Purnell, Phil2020Springer NatureArticle
Life cycle assessment of integrated seawater agriculture in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf as a potential food and aviation biofuel resource  Warshay, Brian; Brown, J. Jed; Sgouridis, Sgouris2017Springer VerlagArticle
Erratum to: Life cycle assessment of integrated seawater agriculture in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf as a potential food and aviation biofuel resource  Warshay, Brian; Brown, J. Jed; Sgouridis, Sgouris2017Springer VerlagOther
Mychonastes homosphaera (Chlorophyceae): A promising feedstock for high quality feed production in the arid environment  Imen, Saadaoui; Cherif, Maroua; Rasheed, Rihab; Bounnit, Touria; Al Jabri, Hareb; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
Efficiency of benthic diatom-associated bacteria in the removal of benzo(a)pyrene and fluoranthene  Oumayma, Kahla; Melliti Ben Garali, Sondes; Karray, Fatma; Ben Abdallah, Manel; Kallel, Najwa; ... more authors 2021ElsevierArticle
Towards a new biological control approach for Photorhabdus temperata bioinsecticide production through the bioconversion of Tunisian industrial wastewater  Keskes, Sahar; Jallouli, Wafa; Sahli, Emna; Sayadi, Sami; Tounsi, Slim2020SpringerArticle
Climatic Aridity Gradient Modulates the Diversity of the Rhizosphere and Endosphere Bacterial Microbiomes of Opuntia ficus-indica  Karray, Fatma; Gargouri, Mahmoud; Chebaane, Asma; Mhiri, Najla; Mliki, Ahmed; ... more authors 2020Frontiers MediaArticle
Fabrication and characterization of flexible ruthenium oxide-loaded polyaniline/poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibers  Chamakh, M.; Chamakh, Mariem; Ayesh, Ahmad I.; Gharaibeh, Mohammad F.2020WileyArticle
DNA sequencing via Z-shaped graphene nano ribbon field effect transistor decorated with nanoparticles using first-principle transport simulations  Wasfi, Asma; Awwad, Falah; Awwad, Falah; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020IOP PublishingArticle
Enhancing the Sensing Performance of Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbon to Detect NO, NO, and NH Gases.  Salih, Ehab; Ayesh, Ahmad I2020MDPIArticle
Nanostructured Metal Oxide-Based Acetone Gas Sensors: A Review.  Amiri, Vahid; Roshan, Hossein; Mirzaei, Ali; Neri, Giovanni; Ayesh, Ahmad I2020MDPIArticle Review
CO, CO2, and SO2 detection based on functionalized graphene nanoribbons: First principles study  Ehab, Salih; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020ElsevierArticle
Fabrication of H2S gas sensors using ZnxCu1-xFe2O4 nanoparticles  Haija, Mohammad Abu; Chamakh, Mariem; Othman, Israa; Banat, Fawzi; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020SpringerArticle
Biodegradation of diclofenac by two green microalgae: Picocystis sp. and Graesiella sp.  Ben Ouada, Sabrine; Ben Ali, Rihab; Cimetiere, Nicolas; Leboulanger, Christophe; Ouada, HatemBen; ... more authors 2019ElsevierArticle

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