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AuthorEl-Menyar, Ayman A.
AuthorRizk, Nasser M.
AuthorAl-Qahtani, Awad
AuthorAlkindi, Fahad
AuthorElyas, Ahmed
AuthorFarag, Fathi
AuthorBakhsh, Fadheela Dad
AuthorEbrahim, Samah
AuthorAhmed, Emad
AuthorAl-Khinji, Mooza
AuthorAl-Thani, Hassan
AuthorAl Suwaidi, Jassim
Available date2024-05-23T07:54:07Z
Publication Date2015-04-01
Publication NameJournal of Research in Medical Sciences
CitationEl-Menyar, A. A., Rizk, N. M., Al-Qahtani, A., AlKindi, F., Elyas, A., Farag, F., ... & Al Suwaidi, J. (2015). The cardiovascular implication of single nucleotide polymorphisms of chromosome 9p21 locus among Arab population. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 20(4), 346-352.
AbstractBackground: Based on several reports including genome-wide association studies, genetic variability has been linked with higher (nearly half) susceptibility toward coronary artery disease (CAD). We aimed to evaluate the association of chromosome 9p21 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs): rs2383207, rs10757278, and rs10757274 with the risk and severity of CAD among Arab population. Materials and Methods: A prospective observational case-control study was conducted between 2011 and 2012, in which 236 patients with CAD were recruited from the Heart Hospital in Qatar. Patients were categorized according to their coronary angiographic findings. Also, 152 healthy volunteers were studied to determine if SNPs are associated with risk of CAD. All subjects were genotyped for SNPs (rs2383207, rs2383206, rs10757274 and rs10757278) using allele-specific real-time polymerase chain reaction. Results: Patients with CAD had a mean age of 57 ± 10; of them 77% were males, 54% diabetics, and 25% had family history of CAD. All SNPs were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium except rs2383206, with call rate >97%. After adjusting for age, sex and body mass index, the carriers of GG genotype for rs2383207 have increased the risk of having CAD with odds ratio (OR) of 1.52 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.01-2.961, P = 0.046). Also, rs2383207 contributed to CAD severity with adjusted OR 1.80 (95% CI = 1.04-3.12, P = 0.035) based on the dominant genetic model. The other SNPs (rs10757274 and rs10757278) showed no significant association with the risk of CAD or its severity. Conclusion: Among Arab population in Qatar, only G allele of rs2483207 SNP is significantly associated with risk of CAD and its severity.
PublisherWolters Kluwer Health
SubjectChromosome 9p21
Coronary artery disease
Single nucleotide polymorphisms
TitleThe cardiovascular implication of single nucleotide polymorphisms of chromosome 9p21 locus among Arab population
Issue Number4
Volume Number20

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