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Development of Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalysts Using Solution Combustion Synthesis For Fuel Cell Applications  Ashok, Anchu2019Materials Science and EngineeringDissertation
Thermo-Rheological Characterization of Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (Nades) Used in Co2 Capture  Elhamarnah, Yousef Adel2019Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Sustainability Indexing and Benchmarking Framework for Oil and Gas Companies in Qatar: Review, Analysis, And Future Perspectives  Fadel, Zina Ahmad2019Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Differential Architecture Search in Deep Learning for DNA Splice Site Classification  Moosa, Shabir2019ComputingMaster Thesis
Sustainability in Higher Education: Comprehensive Tool for Assessing the Sustainability in Higher Educational Institutions  Shalabi, Roa Jehad2019Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Reduced Graphene Oxide Incorporated GELMA Hydrogel Promotes Angiogenesis for Wound Healing Applications  Syed, Raza Ur Rehman2019Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Relating Representative Elementary Volume of Tortuosity to That of Porosity as Revealed from Computed Tomography Images  Azzam, Reem Jamil2019Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
UV Stabilization and Flame Retardancy of Polyethylene for Piping Applications  Aljindi, Reem Moudar2019Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Use of Algae for Removing Heavy Metal Ions from Industrial Wastewater  Alsaydeh, Sajeda A.2019Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Special Type of Floating-Slab Tracks  Alabbasi, Sateh Abdulnaser2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Influence of Polyelectrolyte’s Architecture On the Electro Kinetics and Rheological Behavior of Industrial Membrane Bioreactor Activated Sludge  Yousefi, Shiva Abdolrahim2019Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Novel Process for Designing Topology Optimized Femoral Stems Printable by Metal Additive Manufacturing  Shaban, Tarek Salaheldin Mahmoud Mohamed2019Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Neuropathy Classification of Corneal Nerve Images Using Artificial Intelligence  Salahuddin, Tooba2019ComputingMaster Thesis
Thermodynamic Analysis of Full Scale Baseload LNG Chain  Bouabidi, Zineb2019Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Application of Machine Learning Techniques for The Prediction of Decompressive Hemicraniectomy Prognosis in Acute Ischemic Stroke  Ali, Rahma Saleh2019ComputingMaster Thesis
Numerical Analysis of a Sacrificial Cladding Panel Subjected to Localized Near-Field Impulsive Load  Alqwasmi, Nouman Nabeel Moh'd. N.2019Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Improvement of The Time to Diagnosis for Adult Lymphoma Patients in The State of Qatar: A Retrospective Cohort Study-Based Approach  Adawi, Nada Mamdouh Abdelsalam2019Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Time-Aware Workload Charactrization And Prediction For Proactive Auto-Scaling Of Web Applications  Aboueata, Nada Mahmoud2019ComputingMaster Thesis
Road Users Perception of Dynamic Message Signs And Lane Control Signs  Alsoub, Mohammed Hussam2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
High-Power Multiport Dc-Dc Converter For PV Farm Applications  Khodadady, Mohammad2019Electrical EngineeringMaster Thesis

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