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TitleAuthorPublication DateDepartmentType
QFD & scorecard analysis in pavement management  Moussa, Abdallah2017Engineering ManagementThesis
Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams With Textile- Reinforced mortars  Afzal, Muhammad Shekaib2016Civil EngineeringThesis
Treatment of produced water using an enhanced electrocoagulation process  Al-Ghoul, Mustafa Mohamad2017Engineering-Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Investigating Livability in Mixed-Use Neighborhoods. Case Study of Najma in Doha, Qatar  AL-Malki, ALMaha Ahmad E R2017Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Features Ranking Techniques for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Data  Abounada, Mohanad Feisal M H2017Engineering-Computer ScienceMaster Thesis
Concentrated Solar Power Plant for Key Locations in Doha Qatar  Elbeh, Mutaz Bargas2017Engineering-Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Deanonymizing tor hidden service users through bitcoin transactions analysis  Al Jawaheri, Husam Basil2017Engineering-Computer ScienceMaster Thesis
Optimal sizing of hybrid renewable energy systems: an application for real demand in Qatar remote area  Alyafei, Nora2017Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
A conceptual heuristic for solving the maximum clique problem  Safi, Zeineb2017ComputingThesis
Design of hybrid renewable energy system for near zero energy building in Qatar  Fetais, Mai Hamad M A2017Engineering-Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Conceptual data sampling for image segmentation- an application for breast cancer images  Awan, Zainab Khalid2017Engineering-Computer ScienceMaster Thesis
Condition Assessment Models for Sewer Pipelines  Alkadour, Firas Amer Abdulrazak2017Engineering-Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Towards Integrated Socio-Cultural Space in “Fareej Old Al-Hitmi” Neighborhood in Doha  Nafi, Sara Ibrahim2017Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Assessing Doha's Street Network from the Perspective of 'Complete Streets' Concept  Aboukalloub, Basma Eissa2017Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Detecting market manipulation in stock market data  Al-Thani, Haya A2017ComputingMaster Thesis
Urban and landscape design strategies for flood resilience in Chennai city  Muneerudeen, AlifaUrban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Radiation-free imaging for distal hole targeting in Intramedullary nailing  Abu-Gaoud, Monther Ghafel2017Electrical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Accurate Classification of Partial Discharge Phenomena in Power Transformers in the Presence of Noise  Fernandez, Rachael2017ComputingMaster Thesis
Photobioreator technology for carbon capture and nutrients removal  Shurair, Mohammed S2017Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis

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