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Exploring the Social, Economic and Environmental Footprint of Food Consumption: A Supply Chain-linked Sustainability Assessment  Kucukvar M.; Ismaen R.; Onat N.C.; Al-Hajri A.; Al-Yafay H.; ... more authors 2019Conference Paper
The Spatial Culture of Traditional and Contemporary Housing in Qatar. A Comparative Analysis based on Space Syntax
Alternative Title: الآثار الاجتماعية والثقافية في تشكيل المسكن التقليدي والمعاصر في دولة قطر : دراسة مقارنة وفق المنطق الاجتماعي للفراغات الحضرية (space Syntax)

Al-Mohannadi, Asmaa Saleh M Al-Matwi2019Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Life Cycle Air emissions and Human Health Impacts of LNG Transportation  Abashaar, Muneera Saleh2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
SparkIR: a Scalable Distributed Information Retrieval Engine over Spark  Al-Rasbi, Sara Yaqoob2020ComputingMaster Thesis
Effective Strategy Planning of Qatar Labour Market Data-Driven System Development Approach  Al Fadhli, Muna Salem2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Effect of Curing on the Deterioration of RC Structures in the Arabian Gulf  Salim, Soheb Mullappilly2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Techno-Economic Analysis of Using Solar PV System for Auxiliary Power in a Power Plant  Mohammed, Nasser Mohammed Ameen2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Recycled Aggregates for New Construction: The Case for Qatar  Alsubaey, Haya Mohammed2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Framework for Content Distribution over Wireless LANs  Khan, Muhammad Asif2020Electrical EngineeringDissertation
Cyber Attack Detection in Nonlinear Binary Distillation Column  Ahmad, H.M. Sabbir2020Electrical EngineeringMaster Thesis
A Comparative Traffic Noise Study between Signalized Intersections and Roundabouts  Rouf, Khadija Bint Abdur2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Internal Pressure Capacity and Bending Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Overwrapping PVC Plastic Pipes.  Al-Mahfooz, Mohammed2020Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Development of an Air-Cooled Induction Manifold for Internal Combustion Engines  Elrentisy, Mohamed H.2020Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Experimental Assessment of Forward Osmosis Membrane System for Separation of Suspended Colloids  Ahmed, Mohannad Hamdy2020Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Examining Preference For Autonomous Vehicle (Av) Among Qatari Residents  Abuhijleh, Abdulrhman2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Shear Behavior of Green Concrete Beams Reinforced with Basalt FRP Bars and Stirrups.  Elahtem, Ayman Ahmed2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Development And Performance Evaluation Of Smart Polymeric Coatings For Corrosion Protection Of Steel  Khan, Adnan2020Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Bond Behavior of Tensile Lap Spliced Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars in High Strength Concrete Beams  Eltantawi, Islam Reda Mohamed2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Development of Emissions Reduction Tube for Diesel Engines  Naser, Ihab N.2020Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Public Space and User's Comfort, Health and Well-Being: A Study of Improving Spatial Qualities of Public Open Space (POS) in City of Doha, Qatar  AL- Fadala, Eman2020Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis

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