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TitleAuthorPublication DateDepartmentType
An Ontology based Text-to-Picture Multimedia m-Learning System  Karkar, Abdel Ghani2018Computer ScienceDissertation
Automated Segmentation of Cerebral Aneurysm Using a Novel Statistical Multiresolution Approach  Regaya, Yousra Mounir2018ComputingMaster Thesis
Emerging Factors Shaping The Identity Of Local Urban Districts, The Case Of Doha  Wadi, Rana Salman2018Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Refugee Camps: Initiation, Current Conditions, Development & Integration with the City  Awwad, Rana M. W. M.2018Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Toward Creative Cities: Assessing the Culturally Emerging Creative Doha City- Qatar  Mohamed, Nada Alaa Din Ghanem2018Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Grid-Connected Single-Star Bridge-Cells Modular Multilevel Cascaded Converter with Selective Harmonic Elimination Techniques  Fakhry, Mena Guirguis2018Electrical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Crossflow Microfiltration of Tight Emulsions and Suspended Colloids by Ceramic Membranes  Abdalla, Mays Said Abdelrahman2018Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
The Important Role of Friday Mosques in Reviving the Urban Identity of Doha, Qatar  Al Khani, Fadi Ahmad Yasin2018Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
A Novel Electrocoagulation System For Produced Water Treatment  Aly, Deina Tarek Abdelrazzek2018Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Cost Based of Value Stream Mapping as a Lean Construction Tool for Underground Pipeline Construction Projects  Naser, Ayman Fahmi2018Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Efficient Electromagnetic Analysis and Design Techniques in Jet Engines  Krishna, Aparna2018Electrical EngineeringDissertation
Characteristics of Parallel On-Street Parking in Qatar  Badran, Ali Kamal2018Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Administrative Controls for Management of Heat Stress in Qatari Construction Sites  Alaila, Ahmed Y. M.2018Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Density Functional Theory Study of Dry Reforming of Methane  Moussa, Abdraman Mahamat2018Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Based Distributed System and Search On Encrypted Data  Shouman, Abdelrahman Mossad2018ComputingMaster Thesis
Utilizing Steel Slag in the Removal of Suspended Solids from Dewatered Construction Water: A Mechanistic Study  Abdelrahman, Abdelrahman Tariq Ahmad2018Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
QFD & scorecard analysis in pavement management  Moussa, Abdallah2017Engineering ManagementThesis
Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams With Textile- Reinforced mortars  Afzal, Muhammad Shekaib2016Civil EngineeringThesis
Treatment of produced water using an enhanced electrocoagulation process  Al-Ghoul, Mustafa Mohamad2017Engineering-Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis

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