Recent Submissions

TitleAuthorPublication DateDepartmentType
Effect of Curing on the Deterioration of RC Structures in the Arabian Gulf  Salim, Soheb Mullappilly2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
A Comparative Traffic Noise Study between Signalized Intersections and Roundabouts  Rouf, Khadija Bint Abdur2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Examining Preference For Autonomous Vehicle (Av) Among Qatari Residents  Abuhijleh, Abdulrhman2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Shear Behavior of Green Concrete Beams Reinforced with Basalt FRP Bars and Stirrups.  Elahtem, Ayman Ahmed2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Bond Behavior of Tensile Lap Spliced Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars in High Strength Concrete Beams  Eltantawi, Islam Reda Mohamed2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Public Space and User's Comfort, Health and Well-Being: A Study of Improving Spatial Qualities of Public Open Space (POS) in City of Doha, Qatar  AL- Fadala, Eman2020Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
Sustainable Concrete Using Seawater, Recycled Aggregates, and Non Corrosive Reinforcement  Younis, Adel2020Civil EngineeringDissertation
A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Special Type of Floating-Slab Tracks  Alabbasi, Sateh Abdulnaser2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Road Users Perception of Dynamic Message Signs And Lane Control Signs  Alsoub, Mohammed Hussam2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Externally Bonded And Near-Surface Mounted FRP Strips For Shear Strengthening Of RC Deep Beams  Ibrahim, Mohamed Amin Babiker2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Engineering A Fertilizing Draw Solution For Irrigation Using Forward Osmosis / Reverse Osmosis Hybrid System  Hafiz, Mhd Ammar Nabil2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Impact Of Fines On Gas Relative Permeability Through Sand Using Pore Networks From 3d Synchrotron Micro-Computed Tomography  Hannun, Jamal Adel Ibrahim2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Flexural Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix Systems  El Sherif, Hossameldin Abdou M A2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Parametric Study on Moment Redistribution of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Continuous Beams with Basalt FRP Bars  Abushanab, Abdelrahman H.2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Bond Durability of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars Embedded in Fiber Reinforced Concrete under the Effect of Saline Environment and Elevated Temperatures  Taha, Alaa Hasan2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Flexural Behavior Of Basalt Fiber Reinforced One-Way Concrete Slabs Reinforced With Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars  Rihan, Yousrf Adnan Omer2018Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Travel Time Prediction Model For Public Transport Buses In Qatar Using Artificial Neural Networks  Meqdad, Motasem K.2018Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Discrete Element Modeling Of Railroad Ballast Under Simulated Train Loading  Alabbasi, Yahia Abdulnaser2019Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Assessment And Classification Of Transit Stations For Transit Oriented Development (Tod) Potential Using Node-Place Model: The Case Of Doha Gold Metro Line  Kutty, Najeeba Ali Kunju Abdulla2018Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis

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