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AuthorAl Melladi, Noureddine
AuthorBadr, Elham
AuthorKirat, Mohamed
Available date2017-12-19T11:25:25Z
Publication Date2017-10-17
Publication NameQatar University - Newsroomen_US
CitationAl Melladi, Noureddine. Badr, Elham. Kirat, Mohamed. CAS forum addresses the misleading media coverage of the Qatar’s blockade. Qatar University - Newsroom. 2017
AbstractThe Department of Mass Communication at CAS organized its first media forum titled “Siege and Media: The Devil’s Lawyer and the Truth Seeker” on October 17. The forum aimed to discuss the misleading media coverage of the blockade imposed on Qatar by the siege countries, and to shed light on the Qatari media coverage which dealt with the crisis through solid facts and evidences.
PublisherQatar University - Newsroom
SubjectQatar Blockade
SubjectQatar Blockade - Media
SubjectGulf Crisis - Media
Subjectالأزمة الخليجية - الإعلام
Subjectحصار قطر - التضليل الإعلامي
TitleCAS forum addresses the misleading media coverage of the Qatar’s blockade

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