• Achieving Competence through an Informed Curriculum and Authentic Assessment 

      El Hajj, Maguy (2018 , Presentation)
      Learning Objectives: - List THREE ways in which health professional training and curriculum can address human capacity for blockade and emergency situations • Explain the role of academia for training of health professionals ...
    • Addressing and sustaining human capital development for health through professional development in Qatar 

      Aboulsoud, Samar (2018 , Presentation)
      Outline: * Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) * QATAR VISION 2030 * National Health Strategy 2018-2022 *National CME/CPD Program in Numbers
    • Addressing Human Capacity Building for Health from Academia's Perspective : Building Interprofessional Partnership 

      El-Awaisi, Alla (2018 , Presentation)
      Learning objectives: – List strategies to increase readiness for emergency preparedness through interprofessional education and collaborative practice – List THREE benefits of interprofessional collaboration. – Explain ...
    • CAS forum addresses the misleading media coverage of the Qatar’s blockade 

      Al Melladi, Noureddine; Badr, Elham; Kirat, Mohamed ( Qatar University - Newsroom غرفة الأخبار - جامعة قطر , 2017 , Other)
      The Department of Mass Communication at CAS organized its first media forum titled “Siege and Media: The Devil’s Lawyer and the Truth Seeker” on October 17. The forum aimed to discuss the misleading media coverage of ...
    • Economic Opportunity: Brand Drugs vs. Generic Drugs 

      Al-Badriyeh, Daoud (2018 , Presentation)
      Outlines: * Pharmaceutical markets in the Middle East region are attractive *The high spending on branded drugs is unsustainable *Publicly funded health systems – increased pressure to reduce rising drug budgets *Originator ...
    • Ensuring Access to Medicines in Qatar 

      Babiker, Ahmed Mohamed Hussein (2018 , Presentation)
      Summary & Conclusion: * Good healthcare system should ensure coverage, continuity, accessibility, quality and accountability during crisis as it was normal situation. * An efficient actions & crisis management with ...
    • Food security, technology, and techniques 

      Ghani, Saud; Aljabri, Hareb; El Kharbotly, Ali ( Qatar University - College of Engineering , 2017 , Other)
      CENG held a seminar on “Food Security, Technology and Techniques” on November 9, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME). The event aimed to discuss the main techniques that should be ...
    • Generic Medicines: the big picture 

      Hassali, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad (2018 , Presentation)
    • Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and Local Production to Increase Access to Medicines 

      KATSIOLOUDES, MARIOS I. (2018 , Presentation)
    • Lecture by H.E. Dr. Ali bin Samikh Al Marri hosted “Qatar blockade from human rights perspective" 

      Al Marri, Ali Bin Samikh ( Qatar University - Newsroom غرفة الأخبار - جامعة قطر , 2017 , Other)
      QU hosted on October 30 a visit by Chairman of National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) – State of Qatar H.E. Dr Ali Bin Samikh Al Marri, during which he gave a lecture on “Qatar Blockade from Human Rights Perspective”.
    • Managing the Impact of Blockade on Qatar's Aggregate Business 

      Al-Suwaidi, Ahmed Abdulla (2018 , Presentation)
      *QPMC was founded in 2006 on the instruction of the Qatari Government. *QPMC is at the forefront of facilitating the construction boom in Qatar. *The company stands for quality, reliability and efficiency. *QPMC is ...
    • National Strategic Stockpile for the Health Sector 

      Mohd, Alhajri (2018 , Presentation)
      Outline: - Introduction – Why Stockpile? National Strategic Stockpiles project (NSS) - Project Aim - Expected Outcomes - Proposal Process - Project Management Plan - Implementation steps - The blockade Challenges ...
    • Pharmaceutical Industry in Qatar 

      Al-Mohannadi, Ahmed (2018 , Presentation)
      Overview: * Current Pharma Market Share of Qatar * Consequences of depending on other countries * Main challenges and barriers of local production of medicines in Qatar * How to overcome the challenges and barriers * ...
    • Qatar Rail – Doha Metro 

      Khalid, Al-Thani (2018 , Presentation)
      About Qatar Rail: *Following its establishment in 2011, Qatar Rail is leading one of the largest rail projects in the world to meet the demands of Qatar’s growing population. *The company is responsible for the design, ...
    • QU Seminar Addresses The Qatar Blockade And Its Effects On The Region 

      Al Derham, Hassan; Baabood, Abdullah; bin Nahar, Nayef; Kabbani, Nader; Ghabra, Shafeeq; ... more authors ( Qatar University - Newsroom غرفة الأخبار - جامعة قطر , 2017 , Other)
      Qatar University (QU) yesterday held a seminar to discuss the blockade imposed on Qatar by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and its impact on the Gulf region’s security and stability and its socio-economic growth.
    • The Right to Health under International Law 

      Konstantinidis, Ioannis (2018 , Presentation)
      Outline: * The International Legal Framework Surrounding the Right to Health * Key Aspects of the Right to Health * Obligations on States towards the Right to Health *Embargos and the Right to Health – Access to Medicines
    • Supply of Medications and Patient Access to Different Therapies: HMC Experience 

      Al-Boloshi, Pharmacist Zakiya (2018 , Presentation)
      Outlines: • Drug supply aims and service . • Process of Ordering and Reordering of Medication in HMC. • HMC Formulary. • Medication Shortage . • Blockade and its Effects on Supplying of Medication.
    • WHO Model List Of Essential Medicines and countries Health response during Embargo 

      Alhajri, Mohd (2018 , Presentation)
      Outline: A. Challenges and barriers to medicines availability in crisis. B. Access to domestic and global market of generic medicines. C. WHO Model List Of Essential Medicines. D. Case example and the way forward from ...
    • استخدام المواد المعاد تدویرھا والمنتجات الثانویة الصناعیة كمواد بناء بدیلة في قطر 

      النحال, وائل (2018 , Presentation)
      عرض تقديمي للدكتر وائل النحال من قسم الهندسة المدنية والمعمارية في جامعة قطر في ندوة حول تحدیات قطاع البناء و التشیید في قطر في ظل الحصار
    • الاقتصاد القطري في ظل الحصار: صمود وصعود 

      النابت, صالح محمد; الابراهيم, ابراهيم; العبد القادر, خالد شمس ( كلية الإدارة والاقتصاد - جامعة قطر , 2017 , Article)
      قطر افي ظل الحصار، مع أربع دول عربية قطع الطرق البرية والبحرية والجوية معها، تبدو اليوم بشهادة المتابعين والفاعلين من مختلف دول العالم في أفضل حالاتها، دون أن يؤثر الحصار على ملامحها وحياة سكانها. لكن بعد مضي أكثر من شهرين ...