Developing Qatar University Archive Collection

The entry and transmission of content in order to build and expand Qatar University Archive should take place following limited measures as stipulated by the procedures mentioned below. Nonetheless, Qatar University Library welcomes recommendations submitted by faculty members and the institution of Qatar University at large as contributing in the process of archival collection development and selection of materials to be included as the responsibility of developing the archival collection ultimately shouldered by Qatar University Library.

Admitting registers into Qatar University Archive

Materials with utmost priority for admission into the archive should be the official publications issued by Qatar University colleges as well as institutional publications. Furthermore, personal and professional papers belonging to faculty members, staff, student and alumni are also of high priority as they document an aspect or a period of the university history. Other materials with a high potential to be included in the archive are donations made by alumni or community members with the intention to consolidate the archiving process and that might bear a historical and research value. Materials of concern to Qatar University are those documents that reflect clearly their activity and purpose.

Procedures for the transfer of materials into Qatar University Archive

Any collection of materials that do not have the following attached forms may not be accepted:
In case of donations, no donation may be archived unless an endowment form has been completed and signed by the rendering party specifying materials intended for donation. Please refer to appendix (a) for an overview of the endowment form.
In case of collections of materials transferred into Qatar University archive from another place within the framework of the university, a register archiving form must be completed. Please refer to appendix (b) for an overview of the register archiving form.
No material shall be admitted into the archive unless a form is signed certifying that the materials were admitted after soliciting the consent of relevant library staff. Sometimes it is unpractical to appraise materials at the time of transfer, hence the library reserves the right to postpone signing admission forms pending the due examination and valorization for the received materials.