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    FINANCIAL AID AT PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST: ITS IMPACT ON PERSISTENCE AND STUDENT SATISFACTION, THE CASE OF LEBANON  Nasser, Ramzi; Nauffal, Diane; Romanowski, Michael2009Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational ResearchArticle
    Financial Intermediation and Economic Growth of Jordan 1964-1988  Magableh, Ali H.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Financial portfolio management through the goal programming model: Current state-of-the-art  Aouni, Belaid; Colapinto, Cinzia; La Torre, Davide2014Elsevier B.V.Article
    Financial progress and the stability of long-run money demand: Implications for the conduct of monetary policy in emerging economies  Darrat, A.F.; Al-Sowaidi, S.S.2009Elsevier Inc.Article
    Financial reporting in qatar: An empirical analysis  Senoun, Aly E.1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Finite element analysis of sheet metal forming process  Aljibori, Hakim S. Sultan; Hamouda, Abdel Magid2009EuroJournals Publishing, Inc.Article
    Finite Element Analysis Of Tubular Induction Accelerators  Alwash, J. H. H.; Al-Maayouf, M. A.; Qasir, L. J.2001Qatar UniversityArticle
    A Finite-Sate approach to Arabic verbal inflection  Alnajem, Salah2005Qatar UniversityArticle
    First genotoxicity assessment of marine environment in Qatar using the local Pearl oyster Pinctada radiata  Leitão, Alexandra; Al-Shaikh, Ismail; Hassan, Hassan; Ben Hamadou, Radhouan; Bach, Steffen2017ElsevierArticle
    First record of microsporedean and myxosporeans (Protozoa) infecting some Arabian Gulf fish off the coasts of Emirates and Qatar with a description Myxobolus arabicus n.sp  Kardousha, M.; El-Tantawy, S.2002Arabian Gulf UniversityArticle
    The First Record of Philometra lateolabracis Yamaguti, 1935 (Nematoda: Spirurida; Philometridae) from teleost fishes of the Arabian Gulf
    Alternative Title: أول تسجيل لطفيل فيلومترا لاتيولبراكس ياماجوتني 935I (نيماتودا: سبيروريدا ، فيلومتريدي ) من الأسماك العظمية في الخليج العربي
    Kardousha, Mahmoud M.1999Qatar UniversityArticle
    First report of some adult mosquitoes captured by CDC gravid traps from North-Eastern Qatar  Kardousha, Mahmoud Mohammed2016ElsevierArticle
    First report of Thielaviopsis punctulata causing black scorch disease on date palm in Qatar  Al-Naemi, F.A.; Nishad, R.; Ahmed, T.A.; Radwan, O.2014American Phytopathological SocietyArticle
    First Study in Qatar to Reveal High Legionella Count in Cooling Towers  Aziz, Hassan; Nasrallah, Gheyath; Hussein, Samah; Moussa, Houda Yasmine2015Oxford University Press - ASCPArticle
    First study in Qatar to reveal high Legionella counts in cooling towers.
    Alternative Title: الكشف عن تعدادات كبيرة لبكتيريا الفيلقية في أبراج التبريد في قطر
    AbuOdeh, Raed O; Aziz, Hassan A; Moussa, Houda; Hussien, Samah; Hadwan, Tameem; Nasrallah, Gheyath K2017World Health Organization (WHO)Article
    Fiscal tools for inclusion of GCC states in the global environmental programme: Focus upon new vehicle imports  Truby, Jon2012Edward ElgarBook chapter
    Fish diversity in correlation with some environmental factors in the mangal of two protectorate areas, ras muhammed and nabq on the red sea in egypt.
    Alternative Title: بعض الدراسات البيئية والتنوع السمكي في مناطق أشجار الشورا في محميتي رأس محمد ونبق على البحرالأحمرفي مصر
    El Dawi, El Sayed Fikri Ali [السيد فكري علي ضوي]1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    FISH PARASITES OF QATARI WATERS OF THE ARABIAN GULF: CURRENT STATUS WITH AN ANNOTATED CHECKLIST  Kardousha, Mahmoud M.2016International Journal of Recent Scientific ResearchArticle
    Five Years Later: Why More Gulf Law Schools Should Add an Externship Pedagogy  Deehring, Melissa2017Middle East InstituteArticle