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Author Senouci, Ahmed B.en_US
Author Al-Derham, H.R.en_US
Available date 2009-12-28T07:54:54Zen_US
Publication Date 2007-08-15en_US
Publication Name Advances in Engineering Software
Citation Ahmed Senouci, Hassan R. Al-Derham, Genetic algorithm-based multi-objective model for scheduling of linear construction projects, Advances in Engineering Software, Volume 39, Issue 12, December 2008, Pages 1023-1028en_US
Abstract This paper presents a genetic algorithm-based multi-objective optimization model for the scheduling of linear construction projects. The model allows construction planners to generate and evaluate optimal/near-optimal construction scheduling plans that minimize both project time and cost. The computations in the present model are organized in three major modules. A scheduling module that develops practical schedules for linear construction projects. A cost module that computes the project's costs. A multi-objective module that searches for and identifies optimal/near-optimal tradeoffs between project time and cost. An application example is analyzed to illustrate the use of the model and to demonstrate its capabilities in optimizing the scheduling of linear construction projects.en_US
Language enen_US
Publisher Elsevier Ltden
Subject Cost controlen_US
Subject Genetic algorithmsen_US
Subject Information technology (IT)en_US
Subject Linear construction projectsen_US
Subject Multi-objective optimizationen_US
Subject Schedulingen_US
Title Genetic algorithm-based multi-objective model for scheduling of linear construction projectsen_US
Type Articleen_US

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