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Author Al-Shamary, Noora M.
Author Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.
Author Al-Shaikh, Ismail
Author Al-Meer, Saeed H.
Author Ahmed, Talaat A.
Available date 2017-05-08T07:58:05Z
Publication Date 2016-02-27
Publication Name Environmental Monitoring and Assessmenten_US
Citation Al-Shamary, N.M., Al-Ghouti, M.A., Al-Shaikh, I. et al. Environ Monit Assess (2016) 188: 198. doi:10.1007/s10661-016-5169-7en_US
ISSN 0167-6369
Identifier Article #: 198
Abstract The study aimed to examine the residues of organochlorines pesticides (OCPs) in vegetables and fruits in Qatar. A total of 127 samples was studied. Ninety percent of the imported samples recorded residues above the maximum residue levels (MRLs). The most frequently detected OCP in the samples was heptachlor (found in 75 samples). In the comparisons between the washed and unwashed samples, no significant differences were observed (P > 0.05). However, the effect of washing process with tap water depended on the type of vegetables and fruits.en_US
Language enen_US
Publisher Springer Verlagen_US
Subject Organochlorineen_US
Subject Pesticide residuesen_US
Subject GCECD/GC-MSen_US
Subject Fruits and vegetablesen_US
Subject Statistical analysisen_US
Title Evaluation of pesticide residues of organochlorine in vegetables and fruits in Qatar: statistical analysisen_US
Type Articleen_US
Issue Number 4
Volume Number 188

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